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Looking for average pet fees

I’m curious to know what others charge for pet fees. We have a small 500’ studio, so we would charge less than a whole house. I’ve been charging $25 per stay for one dog; $50 per stay for two dogs.

Do you charge per stay or per night? Do you charge per pet?

Thanks for feedback.

In my private bedroom shared listing with me I. My farm house and dogs (my own 2 and sometimes boarders) I charge $25/night /animal for house trained and $35 for not house trained. I have only had 2 people come in paying the $35 and one was a horse (I have and board horses). I had 2 or 3 in 5 years that came in paying the low and left paying the higher when I caught their pet (all dogs) peeing in the house.

In my separate listings where I do not have anyone but AirBnB guests living I charge $15 and $25 respectively. No horses, but did have a request fir a parrot that I accepted and the guest flaked out and canceled. I have had a few here were they came in paying the lower (or none) but paid the higher when I caught them peeing in the house (usually at check-in, even though I try to get them out in the yard beforehand.

I will also note that I charge (stated clearly in House Rules) $50 additional for all unpaid/undeclared animals (and people) per night, too.

I have recently started instituting “a refundable portion of the total pet fees (as long as there are no unresolved unissued or damage) in a percentage equivalent to their long term stay discount which is between 10-15% for one week and steps up bi-weekly to as high as 34% for 12 weeks or more. I inform the guests if e “unadvertised special” when they inquire beforehand or even if they haven’t and just booked. I have been debating advertising it by putting it in the listing.

I also have now taken the method @KKC has been using for years. I bought $2 throw blankets at IKEA (passed half a dozen IKEA stores on my driving trip to my dad’s for Thanksgiving) so was finally able to get them in quantity without having to pay shipping or delivery fees) that I provide to guests with pets to hopefully put out in the furniture before the pets get on it and then hopefully take them, and the accompanying pet hair and dirt, with them when they leave. First guests to receive this are getting more than one per pet as they are staying more than a couple weeks. I hope they do the intended trick! :pray::crossed_fingers:

I will note that I also offer professional petcare services from drop-ins, boarding and pet sitting. I have had all of those services used over the years by my AirBnB guest both at my home and at my separate listings, for both long and short term stays.


I don’t charge for pets nowadays (cats okay, dogs not permitted re. HOA) but I would think that if a host is doing so, then the important thing is how much having pets costs the host. Then just add your desired profit.

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Thank you for your detailed information. It’s very helpful.


FYI, for you and anyone reading, IKEA shipping charges are very reasonable. Maybe it’s because soft goods like this can’t break and aren’t that heavy. Last time I ordered from them I ordered 30 of the Vitmossa throws and the shipping was $10. More recently it said shipping wasn’t available and I don’t know why. But you should check in your area before you go traipsing out to a store.

Thanx. I have no store in my area which was why I have been planning to stop at each of the ones along my route for Thanksgiving until I was able to get a full box (76 or 78, I can’t remember now). Luckily the first one I stopped at had more than enough!


I charge 20 per night per dog. No other species of animals allowed, max 2 dogs.

I also give away the cheap throws from Ikea and Walmart.

I put out a bowl of water on a mat in the kitchen and have pet bowls and bags for dog logs.



We cater to people with dogs, we have a big backyard and prefer guests with dogs so we don’t charge a fee. In some ways, I imagine it’s ultimately integrated into our pricing but people without dogs don’t get a discount and it doesn’t seem to discourage them.

We provide poopy-bags, bowls, a placemat, a patterned sheet to cover the bed/couch with, a meat stick treat, a ball and also have a basket of “dog towels”, a chuck-it, a frisbee and more balls by the back door.


You are so good to your dog people. I’m sure the extra thoughts are very appreciated. Thanks for your feedback.


I also put out a tray so they can out their own water and food bowls in, or they use some of mine….

I have a huge backyard and have thought about adding some of these other things on 2022. Would be interested in your experience and feedback in these things t your icvbejience.

Absolutely. Any time.

Oh my typos are even more egregious lately! I am still medicated from hip replacement last week so there is a valid excuse/reason. Lol

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So update on my first guest that I provided the IKEA throw blankets to….
They used all 4 to cover the smallest loveseat in the place and then didn’t want to take them with them…. :woman_facepalming:

I don’t charge anything extra and have had lots of dogs, cats a few times. I do ask guests to crate/kennel their dog if they’re leaving it home alone and provide one if they’re not bringing one.

I occasionally have guests leave theirs but most take them. You can use the used ones with your own dogs and dog business.

True but they have so much hair (and it’s different than my own dogs so would be even more annoying to deal with in my home). I have taken a break from the dog business while I recover but am thinking donation to the shelter might be the best option for me.

That’s probably why they didn’t take them. Old pillows blankets, etc can also be used to make dog beds. The empty covers can be bought cheaply on Amazon and dogs really like lumpy uneven beds they can nest in.

I have a bunch, once its an armload I will drop them off at the animal rescue close by. Why were there 4? Do you allow that many dogs?


Why not give them something to use with a smooth surface, like old sheets, or fabric off a discount table, rather than blankets that the hair gets imbedded in?

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