Look up a 'SuperHost'?

Hi folks, I am new here…I have a dumb question…is there an easy way to find a SuperHost on the ABNB platform?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Some context would help. What are you looking for? Any host anywhere? A specific person in your town? Are you looking as a guest or as a host?

hi…he handles my listing, and has for years, he is fantastic, I have zero complaints! I just never use ABNB myself and can’t figure out how to find him

You can’t find him on your listing?


You do realize that a “Superhost” is simply a designation that Airbnb assigns if a host meets all their given criteria stats, and doesn’t mean that Superhosts are necessarily any better hosts than non-Superhosts, right?

Someone can be a Superhost for years and lose that status simply because they had some rotten, scammer guests who rated them 1* and brought their rating average down, or a lot of guests who think that if they leave 4*s, that means everything was fine. Or in the case of a lot of homeshare hosts who closed to bookings for a couple years, because of it not being safe to share common spaces with guests during Covid, many of us lost the Superhost designation we had had for years, because we didn’t have the required 10 minimum bookings per year.

I’ve also read posts from guests who said the place they stayed was dirty and had non-working amenities, or wasn’t as pictured, and asked how this host managed to be a Superhost. You have to take “Superhost” with a grain of salt- it doesn’t necessarily indicate what you might think it does.


well, I have searched for my address, and it’s not showing up, hence, the question.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an owner being so disconnected from their property’s listing. It’s not hard to imagine some investors operating this way, but it not the norm for this forum.

Regardless, search for a rental in your area (zip code, city, etc.), look at the map, zoom in on the area until you see a listing in the general area of your listing (might not be exact depending on your settings), then check the photos to ensure it’s your listing. The host of your listing should be be your “Superhost”.


@BBolts Are you saying you don’t even have the phone number or email address of the person who manages your listing? You don’t even have the URL for the listing? Airbnb search doesn’t list names or addresses, you find a place by entering the URL for that listing, or as Brian points out, just entering the location and scrolling through to find the listing. I don’t understand.


why don’t you just ask him to send you a link. Why haven’t you been added to the listing. You should have access to your bookings, income etc @BBolts

very odd.

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How can someone who handles your listing, not have a contact number? How do you pay them? How do you get your payouts?

You should be able to see your listing on Airbnb when you type in the city and country in the search bar. You’ll have to look through all the listings to find your place.

If you can’t find it, contact Airbnb.

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So fantastic that you don’t know how to get in touch with him? So fantastic that you don’t even know the URL of your listing?

Taking fantastic in its truest meaning (remote from reality) then yes, it probably is.


I’m sure that I can’t help you with your problem.

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This has been an eye-opening thread.


It sure has. I’m closing the thread at the request of the OP.