Log-out glitch?

I could swear that until today, on this forum, when I clicked on my profile circle at the top of the page, that the notification list, with “log out” at the bottom, it had a bar to scroll down- now it has a down arrow and no bar, and when I click on the arrow, it just takes me to a post. No way to scroll down to the “log-out”. I have to log-out by going to “preferences”, then scrolling down there to log-out.
Also, I didn’t check the box to receive email notifications, yet my email Inbox is full of them. Is there a way to shut that off?

Click your profile picture, then in the drop-down, click your username which is like a tab inside that drop-down, and then you’ll see “Logout” as the last item.


Thank you, that works. But I never had to do that before, so that’s odd.

Yes you can adjust the type and amount and timing of emails you receive in settings.


Thank you, I found the setting.


So I have a question- why doesn’t this forum, and most forums, have a little tutorial to inform new users of things like how to quote a post, how to log-out, how to tag, etc. All forums work a little differently, so it seems like that’s sort a crucial thing for new users to be able to consult.
I find this forum set-up to be quite user-friendly, but I wouldn’t have needed to start a topic post to ask these kinds of questions if there had just been somewhere I could familiarize myself with how it works.

Didn’t you do the discobot tutorial when you first signed up? Maybe one of the moderators could send you a link.

No, I looked all over to see if I could find a place to access how to post and use the forum, but I didn’t see anything obvious.

@discobot display help maybe?

I was looking on the Discourse Software website and that’s what came up.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

LOL. I said it several times but nothing is happening.


This reminds me, when I first joined the forum it took me a week before I realized where his name came from - I was picturing a robot with a disco ball until I figured it out. disco - bot :rofl:

(If you’d like to speak with me again to learn more, just message or mention @discobot any time!)

This is what his last message to me said. @muddy maybe you can message him to get the tutorial?

Or maybe check your messages to see if you already have one from him? You can get to your messages by clicking on the little envelope in your profile menu. Scroll down and find the first message you received on joining.

Ah man. I did too. This is so disappointing :cry: I want my disco robot back :space_invader::footprints::musical_note:

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@muddy - here’s the link to the FAQ.