Locking safe in guestrooms

While viewing photos of other Airbnb property listings, I noticed a few had the added amenity of a locking safe-box in the guestrooms.

The cost averages $60 to $120 for a keyless safe, which the combination can be changed with each new guest. The safe needs to be bolted to the floor or wall to prevent a stranger from simply carrying it away.

Is this something hosts should consider having in their rented guestrooms?


I don’t have one in my listing (which you asked to look at but didn’t reply to my PM. So maybe you didn’t look at it.) I would only supply them if I rented multiple guest rooms; to protect one guest from another guest.

I suppose if you live in an area where there is the potential for break-in’s it would be a sensible investment. I choose home stays because I want to relax & feel safe. I travel light, if I can’t carry it on my person I don’t bring it. I doubt a $120 unit would really keep a thief out.

KKC: Thanks for sending me your Airbnb weblink. Sorry, I did not reply sooner.

We have one in each of our bedrooms in our whole-house rental. Our staff is around on a regular basis, and even though they have been with us for more than five years with no issues, some guests are just more comfortable putting their passport and wallet in a safe when there are other people around.
Yes, it wouldn’t deter a really, really determined thief. But it does slow them down and they’d make a lot of noise trying to get it off the wall.

I might get one to put the extra toilet paper in. :wink:


Good idea. It’d take me about 15/20secs to open that style of safe :slight_smile:

It makes me wonder why they are still marketed…


Look up “security theater”

Don’t have to :slight_smile:


I have a bolted down, keyed safe in the closet in my whole apartment rental. In 2 years no one has kept or lost the key, (but yes we have a spare). When I travel I really appreciate a safe in the room.

I don’t feel a need for one in my Airbnb or private residence. I live in a rural low crime area, have dogs, and the neighbours are all quite nosy.

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I didn’t feel I needed one, but an international guest asked and for $30, why not if it will make them feel more comfortable?

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If you use the type of “safe” pictured,you may as well use a cardboard box.

If it’s not big enough for laptops, not really help.

Also if someone breaks in, you are giving false sense of security

That’s half the battle, appearances. I’m sure you know, given that you are a locksmith, most locks in use are pretty worthless.

The purpose of a room safe like this is to 1) give guests the appearance of caring about security 2) keep the casual five fingered lifter off your stuff. It keeps the guest in the next room from popping in and lifting a few bills or your passport. No it’s not going to keep the home invaders from busting in, holding everyone hostage and then killing you all.

We have had discussions here about why so many guests want locks on their guest room door if they are staying in a room where the host lives. Many hosts express dismay at guests “not trusting them.” Others lament that they have special vintage doors that can’t be retrofitted with modern locks. Most point out that they are going to have key to any lock that they install so what’s the point? The point is appearances.

Half of hosting is a mind game.


I agree 100% with @KKC - peace of mind for guests.

I was told once about home security in general - you don’t have to have perfect security, just better security than the neighbors. If someone really wants to get to you personally, they will regardless of the security you have.

It can be worthwhile adding a few well-thought-out extras - a safe could be an added bonus for some security conscious guests.

Remember to include any “special features” on your listing - so potential guests can see what you have to offer.

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It depends what country you are in. If I was Hosting in Thailand I would have them sure but in OZ no