Lock box for 10 keys needed

Hi! I am looking for big box in which there will be around 10 smaller lockboxes < with a code of course>. I can not find anything similar to what I described in the internet. Is there anything like that? :slight_smile:

what are you trying to achieve @Agatha… can’t quite visualise it?

Hi Helsi, thank you for your reply! I don’t want to install 10 separate small lockboxes on the wall but I would like to have one big box which will have inside 10 smaller lockboxes. 10 small lock boxes will take much more space and will look not that great.

Do you want all 10 to have different codes or the same code?

I’m not sure you are going to save any space by having ten separate lockboxes inside a box vs. just having ten small lockboxes mounted next to each other. A basic lockbox doesn’t take up much more room than the keypad area.

Hi, thank you for your answer. I want to have 10 different codes to each of them. I just think that it may look better and it may be easier to install than installing 10 separate. Maybe the price will be better as well.

Since what you are asking for is a very niche product, I can guarantee that 10 individual lock boxes will be much less expensive. If looks are a priority, then I’d recommend buying a cabinet and mounting the 10 individual lock boxes inside of it.

This is conceptually what you are looking for, but I doubt this device fits your needs in terms of cost, security, and weather protection.


If you had 10 electronic locks you wouldn’t have keys so you wouldn’t need lockboxes, and there would be no keys to get lost. Just sayin’.


I love ours. We also have one of those combination key lockers on the side of the shed with the backup key for it in case the battery dies and someone has to go rescue the day, along with the keys to all the off-limits areas. So, I never have to worry about forgetting my set 1000 miles away at the other house, which has happened. :roll_eyes:Luckily I have a backup set with my family, but this is way better.

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I forgot to write that I have eletronic doors for keycards not regular keys :slight_smile:

This! I have programmable keypad locks, and also have a well hidden lockbox with an actual key for emergencies. This way even if the keypad were to break down my guests can still get in the house without waiting for me to arrive.

You do need to hide the lockbox very well, otherwise non-checkin-instruction-reading guests will find it and they will try to punch their keypad code in the lockbox instead of the door.

This is the key locker we use. It’s not really hidden, we just put it on the side of the well house.

I have this one, same idea: