Location, location, location!

I need to vent!! I had a guest this week that had gotten lost because she didn’t put the right address in her Navigation, She called me at 9:00 pm to ask for my address again, I stayed on the phone with her till i recognized where she was and greeted her when she arrived. This guest then gave me 3 stars on my location! REALLY!! It makes me so mad… Can’t we get rid of this star? Thanks for letting me vent. Does anyone else have this problem?


I’ve had guests like this. Just yesterday I had one that called and asked for directions because they didn’t have GPS. It’s a pain when I’m in the middle of a work day and have to answer my phone for the few guests who don’t know how to be independent.

I don’t sweat the location score. It’s the only star rating where you don’t have to take other people’s word for it. People have more than enough information before booking to make a reasoned decision on if they will be happy with my location. And then when they book they can go to maps with my address and use street view to see what they’re in for.

Thank you Kia, I put the exact distance from everything in this city. I guess I am just worried that it will give me a half star in my overall rating, I have 5 stars in everything else. Renae Coraci

Yeah I hear you…it’s hard when guests mess with perfection and you see that little empty star space. People are generally smart enough to know that 99 out of 100 guests were satisfied and they probably will be too.

And the review is really the most important thing. Even people who have rated me low in certain areas usually leave glowing reviews of how much they enjoyed their stay

The Overall Experience rating is not an average of other ratings. It is a separate rating.


Is that really such a *disaster ??

Are prospective bookers going to say, ‘oh look, this flat has what I need and is in a good location,
but because his location star is cut into half, I won’t book’ ?

*The word dis-aster literally means broken star!


Yes. Some guests do definitely book only five star or Super Ho. Something that I am neither of.


Let 'em ho to hell!!


We have 3 streets with the same name in our city (only 115,000 people or so), so I spell out, “if you can’t see the lake from out front, you’re at the wrong place” by text before arrival.

But we still get lots of comments like ‘wow, I didn’t realize the lake was just there’. How do people book these places without seeing the map and what they are actually getting? I would have thought the location is the most important thing as if they are just after price there are plenty of places further out.

Also, I put big numbers on the pillar above the letter box which helps. But they have to find the suburb and street first…

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My address has changed three times in thee last 5 years. Two years ago, they changed my street number. Don’t ask me why. So, I have a long explanation so that they have all the variations in case their GPS has the older version. So far no one has been lost.

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Yes, I had a guest recently who gave me 4 stars for location. She got lost. Apparently didn’t know how to use her gps Duh!

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I’m somewhat bemused that if someone knows our location and finds it without any problem - how come I’ve lost a star on location? it’s a strange aspect to be judged on IMHO

what are people judging this facet on?