Listing shut down in error

Has anyone else had their listing shut down, all guests given their money back, for an incorrect background check?

I’ve read about a guest that got his account deactivated due to an erroneous background check. I think the guy had to work with the company that does the background checks to “prove” he wasn’t the person they thought he was.

What do you mean by an ‘incorrect background check’ @Stthost

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Air bnb will run random background checks on hosts. News to me, as I had listings for 4 years with them, A “Superhost” as they call me. I got shut down, had to call the company that ran the background, and they had me for a burglary! what a joke. I had to have them rerun my social with my middle name, and they had the wrong guy! So Air bnb, doesn’t even call me to defend myself, just shut everything down, and refunded all of my future guests. the background company has since forwarded the new info, and now I’m in limbo waiting to here back from Air bnb. what a horrible way to run a company. how about a call first, and ask us hosts, can you clear this up, or explain to us, what this is, before we ruin about 50 people vacations.

Did you follow the instructions on their help pages?

Airbnb has a specialized team trained to review and assess eligibility for reinstatement. If someone receives a removal notice related to a criminal background check, they can respond to that notice directly, submit an appeal via the link when they attempt to login, or contact customer service directly requesting to appeal.

It says ‘reply to the notice’ and you must have received a notice or otherwise you wouldn’t be aware that you had a problem.

Out of curiosity, which company does Airbnb use to run background checks?

Inflections Risk Solutions

yes, Jaquo, I did respond, that’s how I got my name cleared from faulty charges. My question is,and was, do you think the business policy of not calling us, (all hosts) not calling us first to ask about a discrepency is a good policy? or do you feel shutting down your listing, cancelling all bookings, making the guests rebook, is a fair process to the host? I was lucky to find the notice from Air bnb in my junk mail.

Sadly for us hosts, it doesn’t matter whether this policy is good or fair. From Airbnb’s perspective, it’s probably easier (and cheaper) for them to shut down hosts than it is to investigate anything. There are always more hosts out there.

yes, I guess that’s my point, there seems to be little concern for hosts or even the guests for that matter in this incident. A woman in tears got through to me after they reinstated my account, as they cancelled her honeymoon two weeks before her visit!
I feel, they should at least call us hosts to clarify that there is an issue with your background check, before they go all out shutdown, refund money, cancel your vacation mode.
Clearly, they only care about getting their fees. Sad.

My answer is that Airbnb look after their business and I look after mine. They have their policies which are nothing to do with me. In the same way, I have mine which are nothing to do with them.

Airbnb is an advertising platform that I, and other hosts, choose to use. When we do so, we agree to abide by their policies, just as we would with any other platform.

It’s not up to me, or any other host, to decide whether their policies are fair or not. If we want to use them as a booking platform, then we accept what their policies are.

do you work for air bnb?

How does that jive with them shutting down a host’s listing without warning or notice or even explanation sometimes? I think you might have a different take if that was done to you?

I think I might not. I ran my business successfully before I used Airbnb and I there’s no reason why I couldn’t do so again.

Anyone who relies on any one platform, be it Airbnb or any other, isn’t really thinking very logically. Airbnb could close down or change dramatically - anything could happen - and anyone who has all their business eggs in one basket is going to have a hard time.

Me? Certainly not. I’m sure you’ve seen at the top of every page of this site that we have no affiliation with Airbnb whatsoever. What on earth gave you that idea?

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jaquo, I list on multiple sites, that was not the point at all, I guess you think all is right in completely cancelling, 13 couples vacations in the caribbean. then making them rebook at the last minute with very few options… that was my point to start with, a horribly run business model, to not contact someone by phone and explain the situation. Air bnb is usually only hostile to the owners, this time it was the guests also.
When this happens to you, you’ll understand.

You might want to go back to read again as I didn’t say anything remotely like that.

You and I both chose to use Airbnb and we both know how it operates. My concern is with my business, not theirs. Whatever issues the company may have, there’s not a lot of point discussing them on a public forum.

Understand what? Why?