Listing paused complaint about security camera

A listing I manage got paused as AirBnb say they received a report about a security camera. This is listed in the description. I have just seen that AirBnb have recently changed their safety rules that you have to say it’s on and where it is. They are outside.

Does this mean a guest complained? Apparently AirBnb will phone in three days?!

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Good luck with that, you may need to start pestering them.

Was the location disclosed in the listing? If so, then really make a nuisance of yourself, Twitter and Facebook anecdotally get better (and quicker) results than the poorly paid and trained CS in south east Asia.


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I’m not sure how else they would know?


This is what the expanded options are for disclosing cameras. Thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t updated my information. I did disclose them and have pictures of them in my listing though

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Yes, it does mean that a guest complained. Do you have it listed? Might be a good idea to post a picture of it since most guests look at pictures and don’t read the details.

Hmmmmmm… I checked off the boxes, clicked ‘ok’, saved the page, and the next time I looked the check boxes were empty. Anyone else have this issue? Is it an issue, at all?

I just looked, my changes didn’t save either. Typical Airbnb.

Only if a guest complains. I’m not going to worry about it. It really seems like the kind of guest that complains about a camera that is obvious is the kind that was inclined to find something to complain about one way or another.

So how do I resolve this issue anyone had a paused listing?
I believe then it is highly likely the guest that was questioned about bringing multiple mountain bikes inside breaking the house rules.

Have not had this happen to me, but have read plenty of posts from hosts who have.

They will suspend your listing for anywhere from 4 days to 2 or 3 weeks, pending an “investigation”, considering you guilty until proven innocent, which is absurd given they can spend 2 minutes checking your listing info to determine if it discloses the cameras as soon as they receive a complaint.

About all you can do is keep at them, not letting them forget they are destroying your business and losing service fees on your lost bookings.

I still dont know where these setting are located on our listing to update

Listings → Listing Details → Guest Safety → Security cameras/audio recording devices → (in green letters below) Specify the location of all cameras/audio recording devices

Thank you . Unfortunately , I use a channel manager and hard as I try, it doesnt seem to exist in my connection. I do see it where you said…but greyed out for me. I have to follow up with the mgt system now.

The checked boxes are not supposed to save (at least that is how I would have designed it in my past life as a software engineer). When you click “Edit”, presumably you have modified something about your audio/video recording devices & then must re-confirm you still meet their requirements.


We also use a channel manager but it is not greyed out, it is fully editable.

If it’s greyed out, it suggests that somewhere in the property detail settings of your CM it is sending this data. If you have the option, check what data your CM is sending to Airbnb, most CM’s have this facility and it should point you in the direction of where to edit it within your CM.


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Tried phoning AirBnb but apparently the case manager assigned must investigate and they aren’t available and haven’t replied to response emailed yesterday. So frustrating.

thank you - found it fixed and solved

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Can you describe what You fixed and solved?

Very likely you are right. So I have to ask they brought the bikes inside, when they left was there and damage? This has been discussed here before I do not see an issue bringing bikes inside, my road bike cost thousands not hundreds I would bring it inside if traveling with it. I hope you get your listing back up soon, if your cameras are disclosed than keep at it. If they were not disclosed good luck I hope they let you back on.

This is a case of choosing your battles.



Do you use OwnerRez as a channel mgr? I found the spot there to update.

No, I am looking at the airbnb website