Listing not showing up on search results - airbnb tech team not responding!

I am feeling quite hopeless - we became superhost two weeks ago and since then we have noticed our listing stopped showing up from the search result for guests. We can see the listing only if we log in but once we log out and search as guest it completely disappeared. At first we contacted airbnb and was told it was because of our low accpetance rate, and we were suggested to turn on our instant booking. We did that but when we searched later on still no result for our listing, yet our neighbour’s house with no review and all blocked date would show up. We then contacted Airbnb again and they confirmed yes there must be something wrong.

Since then we have contacted airbnb and followed up with them everyday (email, calling, twitter, etc). We were advised that the customer service team sent the ticket to the tech team but no update from the tech team whatsoever.

This is a serious issue for us - we have 20 reviews all 5 stars, we always try our best to provide the best quality airbnb experience to our guests but when it comes to hosting issue we are feeling the lack of support from Airbnb.

Can anyone please shed some light?

Happened to a number of us that day… October 15th. You have to twitter them. My listing had lost its “geocode” [as they called it] and that had to be reset and the listing cache had to be dumped. We are not alone. It took them 8 hours from first contact to listing re-appearance. Not sure why you aren’t getting the attention you need. Think “squeaky” wheel.

I see my property is not showing up and I am logged in.

Thank you. did your list disappear completely no matter if you logged in or not? For mine it shows up if we log in and search, but disappear while searching as a guest (not log in).

No. My listing was not anywhere regardless of logged status.

It may be because of your settings.

I was confounded because mine was not showing ‘instant-book’ unless I was signed-in. This is because I had ‘must have government id checked’ in my IB specs.

Do you have something like that checked before people can book with you? If so, you won’t show up until they know who you are.

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I just got off my third phone call today. Now I have three different people from three different states who cannot find me…that’s enough for me to know I am not showing up enough in searches. I am still awaiting the results from others. But I did find my listing only when I went into “incognito” mode just like the initial Air rep. said he did. I know this is complete BS because travelers aren’t going to all clear their cookies.

I asked him to escalate and basically he was sort of the escalation team but would try to move it up to his supervisor. I asked him if this is A/B testing but he doesn’t have access to that info. I mentioned Twitter and he did say I could try that. If I don’t hear back then everything is fine on their end. So basically I have come to the conclusion that now is the time Air is manipulating search results in the same manner that HA does. Get ready folks.

Oh…and this rep. said he tried with his personal account and I showed up just fine. Yet, he told me he typed in my city name, then “comma” then my state, then "comma, and then United States. I explained that all I have ever used is selecting whatever comes down in the drop down menu. I don’t need to type in exact commas, etc. Then he mentioned Illinois (mixing me up with my city in NC) into the equation wtih the drop down menu…blah blah blah blah. I told him that wasn’t true because my competition did show up; I just didn’t.

I suggest everyone check for their listing daily. The rep. was nice and I feel he went as far as he could with his script…esp. since he was not fully bottom level. I told him I would just prefer them to tell me this is A/B testing just like how HA manipulates search results…that way I am not wasting my time trying to resolve something when there is nothing to resolve. At the end of the convo he said if I didn’t hear back then I should maybe just assume that it is A/B testing but he is not given that knowledge.


Unbelievable. This is the email I just received:

XXXX again here with the Premium Support Team.

I understand that you called back to speak with my teammates XXXXX and XXXX, who re-confirmed what I told you when you spoke earlier today: there is no technical issue on Airbnb’s end as your listing is appearing correctly in search results. Accordingly, no further action will be taken.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Best regards,

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I just emailed Chip Conley and forwarded him my correspondence with the reps. I don’t know if this is the correct email address…I hope so. I will see if my email comes back, if the address is not correct.

If I were you, I would also email him:

He is Global Head of Hospitality

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so they never forward your issue to the tech team? My issue is a bit different from yours since I can see my listing once I am logged in but can’t if browse as guest…

Complain on Abnb Facebook page…fast results.

I don’t know if it was the tech team or not. Maybe not. The third time I called - before I even explained the situation again, I said I needed help getting my issue escalated. The guy said there was a case open and said they were kind of the escalation dept, and said he would take over. So…I really don’t know if Premium Support is the same as tech team.

But good news is my listing is viewable again both when I am logged in, and logged out. I replied back to the email above after 2 a.m. this morning. And then after that I forwarded my reply and another email to Chip Conley. Sometime between then and now, my listing is back. Not sure if it is just coincidence and the A/B testing just happened to be over.

I will be checking once a day.

I checked again and our listing is still not there. Called airbnb and complained and now they escalated our case to urgent. According to the them our case has not even been assigned to a case manager and it has been ONE WEEK since we first called. Unbelievable! We even have the superhost status!

omg… (being advised to be more descriptive…


Just an update. Yesterday my listing was showing, and then it wasn’t by afternoon. I had sent many PM’s to other hosts to try to search for my listing and report back to me.

Thankfully another host was not able to do a search until yesterday afternoon. And…now my listing was not showing again. I did more searches and gone. Then it was showing again very late last night before I went to bed.

Everyone should check their listing several times a day and see if you are being hidden.

"Hi Cabinhost,

Thank you for your response. Attached to this email are three screenshots:

  1. Search results with specific dates and the “Entire Home/Apt” listing type selected. Your listing appears number one in search results.

  2. Search results with no specific dates for XXXXX, NC.

  3. Views graph for October (located in your Stats section) which reflects that you’ve received 174 views: at minimum 1-5 views per day with 7 days above 10 views per day.

Please keep in mind that the majority of searches conducted on Airbnb’s platform include either specific dates or at least one filter (such as listing type). Accordingly, the Airbnb search algorithm is optimized to reflect this.

While I appreciate that you utilized our Community Center to ask fellow veteran Superhosts to locate your listing, those folks may not be as familiar with how many guests actually search for listings. I recommend that you reach back out to the hosts you consulted with and ask that they try searching for specific dates which your listing is available. Or, at the very least, to use a single search filter (such as the “Entire Home/Apt.” listing type).

Also, here is a link to a relevant article on Airbnb’s blog for your reference so you can further understand how the search algorithm works:

How Search Makes Great Matches –

Best regards,"

I have emailed back to see if they want me to send them a video of my own search results, and for an explanation as to why my listing wouldn’t show without filters, yet my competition does show. Not that I am expecting any kind of logical answer or anything.

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keep us posted! this is so frustrating. I don’t think Airbnb cares about hosts anymore since there are so many out there.

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Well, I think the reason they are just babbling in circles is because they know my listing appearing and not appearing is done on purpose.

Many of my page views are coming from myself and from other hosts doing test searches!

A “normal” response from a rep. who wants to help would be:

“We cannot re-create what you are experiencing. Do you mind creating a video so that we can see this and try to resolve your issue?” - instead they are trying to convince me of page views and screen shots. Sure I can also make my own listing come up in icognito mode. But once I get into icognito mode even then it won’t continually come up once I started doing several tests - only the initial time.


After sending more info on my results, offering to send a video, etc. - those questions went completely ignored. This is the response I received:

“As my teammates and I have investigated and confirmed, there is not an error on Airbnb’s end with regard to your listing appearing in search results. If we can be of further assistance on other matters, please feel free to give us a call:”

I hope this email finds you well!!! :smiley: