Listing DOES NOT show up!

Please help!! Our listing keeps becoming un-searchable!! No matter what filters are used…it DOES NOT show up! We have notified Airbnb multiple times and they keep insisting it isn’t an issue but of course it is a HUGE issue! Any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated!

What is your listing? I’ll take a look.

Thank you! What country are you in? For some reason the listing shows up when searched from Canada but not from the US…where most of our guests come from.

What restrictions, if any, do you have? Then we can search accurately.

Maybe confusing the system by claiming the property is in both California and Mexico. Just guessing. We come across this problem with online radio stations.

I was finally able to find it doing organic searches. Apparently, the actual location is 30 KM South of Rosarito. So, you may want to reconsider the name of your property?

And your pin is in the water. You may want to fix that.

fyi - I’m in the USA.

I did not catch that - but once I figured out where the listing actually is, it shows up fine - but if I were looking for Rosarito I would not be happy to find out it’s 30 KM away


Where do you see information saying the property is in California??

Thank you for checking. Where you able to find it w/o using the map and only looking at the list of properties? Our address is in rosarito. Google actually has the border lines wrong. We’ve tried contacting them without any luck. And we have also contacted both google and Airbnb about our pin being in the ocean but can’t get it moved. Super frustrating. Any ideas on how to fix this?

In your listing look at the sentence under “The Neighborhood”. It says “Rich and Ann’s is located in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.”

Minimum 2 nights stay is the only restriction. Thanks

Baja California is in Mexico


Humans know that but AI doesn’t in these servers and etc. I’m an expert on streaming for online radio and I we use this method to claim where a stream originates to fool people and not pay royalties.

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Make sure you use an anonymous or private browser session when searching… also check mobile version with a phone or tablet.

I once thought my listing wasn’t showing up. I was doing the incognito browsing thing that hosts here recommend.

In my case, the incognito browsing is why the listing wouldn’t show (and AirBnB tech support couldn’t figure this out for me, I figured it out on my own): I don’t meet my own strict IB requirements in incognito mode, so the listing doesn’t even show up if I search with dates.


If you use the words “Baja California,” which is the proper name for the peninsula, then folks who search think it’s in California (and BC would just confuse Canadians). I had a 15 minute conversation with someone recently, trying to explain that the word California was taken from the Mexican territory and that BC (MX) wasn’t part of the US.

Just say Baja peninsula in Mexico, south of Rosarito (I’ve been to that campground, btw).

The address is generated by Airbnb. I’m not sure if baja California is in our description but if it is I will remove it. However, what I’m trying to solve is the fact that our listing is not showing up consistently isn’t searches. One day it’s there and the next day it’s not even when dates are available

I’d be willing to bet that it is not up to the host to decide what Airbnb puts in the location field.

The host can clarify the location in the first line of the listing.

Also, call Air CS, escalate, and figure out the geo-location of your listing (you can do that in a lat/long search). Give air the geo-code and ask them to send it to IT.

I had to do that. Then explain to IT why they were off …