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Linen bedsheets - can I get away with not ironing?!


Hi all,

I currently use cotton bedding, and ironing is a drag! Pillow cases are manageable due to their size, flat sheets I often don’t worry about because I can get them taut enough that creases don’t show, but duvet covers are a pain! And even with all this practice I seem to still not be very good at it! I feel (in our case), it’s one of those things that if you iron, people don’t notice but if you don’t, it’s really noticeable…

I heard somewhere that linen has less need for ironing because of the ‘deliberately crumpled’ look. Is this a myth? Has anyone had experience with linen? We are about to expand our rental accommodation so will have more changeovers to do this year. If I can find a way to eliminate the need for ironing sheets this would make my life much easier!

Thanks in advance.


I would say it might be worth getting someone to come in and do the ironing if you are expanding.

I hate the look of un-ironed cotton duvets - linen would look worse and people won’t realise you are deliberately going for a crumpled look.

You can buy synthetic covers that don’t tend to crease, but I don’t think they feel as nice on the skin.


have never ironed sheets / pillow cases / duvet covers in 3 years…not 1 comment. Linen on the other hand holds creases. I would think twice using such expensive sheets on your STR beds…the things guests do in beds in not limited to the imagination.


I would definitely prefer crumpled linen or cotton to wrinkle free synthetics. I don’t think linen will be any better than cotton. Spend the money on a steamer instead so you can steam the creases out of the top of the duvet covers.


Sheets are supposed to be ironed?

Who knew?


I use microfiber sheets and try to put them right from the dryer. I would only consider iron sheets if I was offering a STR that was similar in pricing and amenities to a Ritz Carlton. Never had any complaints.


Who indeed @rossh :slight_smile:

I don’t know anyone who can iron fitted sheets successfully, folding while nearly dry is the best I can do.


I don’t iron sheets but do iron pillow cases and duvets - they are cotton and would look awful if I didn’t. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jess, I have had a quick look at the handheld steamers that you can use directly on the bed which sound useful…have you used one and if so is there any particular brand or model that you have had good experience with?


Haha, I didn’t do it for the first few months of AirBnb (and had no complaints) but then tried one day and found it looked better…sometimes I wish I hadn’t bothered now :wink: Some seem to crease more than others. And it’s only duvet covers and pillowcses, I don’t bother with under sheets


If any of my sheets look too rumpled- i spritz with a water bottle and toss back in the dryer to smooth while I clean. I have no want or time to iron sheets and no one has ever commented if they cared their sheets weren’t 100% smooth.


Are you in the UK @becky_jo if so it’s worth investing in a WHICH subscription, they always have great advice on products to buy and lots more.


good idea thanks, I have used Which in the past and found it helpful. I always end up cancelling my subscription though as I only use it occasionally!


I use 100% cotton sheets. I don’t let them get too dry before I put them on the bed. Then I do something I learned about here that was referred to as “hand ironing.” Mist the sheets with a fine spray and then smooth the wrinkles out with your hand. Pull the sheets as taut as possible. Tuck them in around the edges if you can. I put the pillowcases on the bed flat and smooth them in the same way before I put them on the pillows. I sometimes iron just the top edge of the top sheet but if you aren’t American you aren’t using a top sheet. Over 500 guests and no complaints. One of my duvet covers is microfiber but I won’t use microfiber for sheets against the skin. But even my cotton duvet covers don’t look terribly wrinkled.


When I was a kid my mom had a metal frame she would put in pant legs that would stretch them out as they dried so the didn’t have to be ironed. Someone needs to invent a sheet stretcher.


We feel your pain! Our duvet is for a king size bed. We use a steam iron and steam the duvet while it’s on the bed. You need an extension cord to do this. Sheets are just stretched tight.


No I only have a floor steamer and live in the UK. I wonder if there’s anything recommended on here.


This is one of those topics that divides hosts. For what it is worth I don’t iron, i can’t stand up long enough unaided for a start, and I have never had a comment about it from a guest. The pillows looks a little ruffled but the cotton doona cover looks like it is meant to be that way. And the sheets I don’t care about. But others will disagree as is their right.


I don’t iron a damned thing. Nobody comments, nobody complains and everyone loves my place. Why bother doing all that work? It ain’t worth the time or trouble.


Our bedding is very similar and we have the same approach. It can look a little crumpled when made but it settles and looks just fine. We’ve never had a complaint in over a year.

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