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Linen bedsheets - can I get away with not ironing?!


I would think there is gap on the type of rental. As I was wrangling the duvet cover back onto the duvet last night I thought to myself that I just can’t see washing that cover every day at an average of sub $50 a night. But if I had 3-4 night averages and was getting hundreds per booking it would be less tedious. At a certain price point I expect things to be a bit nicer and that includes the quality and look of the sheets.


If you put your linen into your washer folded neatly and put in just a little more than you know you should, it will come out of the washer clean and unwrinkled. This eliminates a lot of problems–and don’t worry it will be clean! A tablecloth with spilt red wine also came clean done the same way!
I have been doing this for over 30 years.


I’m with those who don’t iron sheets. For pete’s sake, unless you really WANT to compete with 5 star hotels, why??? Never had a negative comment.


I think ironing cotton sheets depends on your dryer type, settings, and size and the type of cotton. Unless I do only one set of sheets in the dryer and don’t fold and store, I have to do touch up ironing. I make the bed and iron the parts if top sheets that show. I iron the pillowcases. I iron the duvet cover on the bed. That’s about all i’m Willing to do for it. As a guest, I would really hate crumpled linen or even any linen in my bed.



I use the karalai bedding collection sold on amazon, they are awesome they are microfiber so they don’t need to be ironed but there is something in their quality - I have guests asking me what the thread count is because they are so soft? They have the duvet sets that u slip over the comforter, it saves so much work and really gives an awesome look.


Thanks for the tip Natalie. I am still on the lookout for fitted sheets I don’t need to iron. I got a Dorma fitted sheet with stripes in grey that is great as it doesn’t need any ironing but when I went to get more it seems to have been discontinued :disappointed_relieved: For the duvet covers, I use ones from IKEA that actually say not to iron :grin: Similar to ChrisC, I have started using the inside out method I saw on YouTube for the double and queen beds - it is a bit of yoga but saves the sweat-inducing duvet cover struggle.


I use this sometimes: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MLEOMMA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (“Be wrinkle free in minutes with this unscented wrinkle releaser made from plant-based fabric relaxers”)

I did have one set of guests that expected ironed sheets - they were from Turin Italy. They also wanted two hand towels (for the 2 of them - I usually have one in the towel ring) but they got over it and were very gracious when they left.


I started ironing sheets shortly after I opened my first STR and have found it takes so much time. I’ve also bought a variety of sheets and not been impressed with any of them.
I just opened a second str and am loathe to add more ironing to my life so I’m going to do my best to wisk them out of the dryer and onto the beds. I use fairly inexpensive coverlets (lightly quilted) that don"t get very wrinkled.
I’ve had a steamer in the past but it wasn’t very big so it didn’t steam a large area at a time. I wasn’t impressed with it.


We actually iron our sheets. Have been doing so for the last 5 years and have received got quite a few nice comments on it so we continue. I ran an ad on CL for ironing help and had a big response. We hired someone that irons our stuff for 12.00 a set (fitted, sheet and two pillow cases). Once we have about 5-6 sets of linens I drop them off with her along with vacuum bags and she irons and packages.


Where are you located @conestoga?


I iron the pillowcases only. I actually find it relaxing to iron them once I get started, but I certainly would have no problem staying somewhere that didn’t iron them. I hate microfiber sheets so can’t go down that path.


We’re located in California


If you’re using a drier then cotton should be wrinkle free if you take it out straight away anyway. Even 50% polyester 50% cotton will be wrinkle free. No excuse for microfibre whatsoever.
People don’t complain. I just had a guest who didn’t let me know he had no hot water one morning. I could have fixed it in two minutes.


Fitted sheets are definitely so tight there’s no chance for wrinkles anyway. I can’t believe anyone irons those!


I’ve just bought 200 TC cotton sheets for the holiday cottage (they need ironing, IMO, our housekeeper does it) Avoid higher Thread Count like the plague - they demand ironing and are a brute to iron). At home, I’ve just tried French linen sheets (because I don’t iron at home, never will, life’s too short) and I’m a complete convert. I LOVE them. They get softer with every wash, and if you whisk them out of the dryer while still a bit damp and carefully fold and smooth they look just right, with a natural gentle crumple.


You haven’t met my mother :slight_smile:


Interesting - I’ve just ordered some french linen for ourselves (partly to try it out as a possibility for guests, and partly just because we needed some more so now’s the time!) so we will see how that goes!


We iron the bit of the top sheet that you can see when folded over and the pillow cases.


I’ve changed all my bedding with linen (ok it’s more expensive) some mouths ago and… what a beautiful experience without ironing. I only iron the second couple of pillow cases (in cotton) and the smaller pillow cases (in cotton as well).
ALL THE GUESTS from ALL THE WORD apprecieated this material. So much satisfied.


Maybe. I am at the quality if not luxury end. Frankly I get people wanting a weekend or short break from Melbourne and I don’t think most of them care. I wash the duvet cover (and everything else) in between guests I just don’t iron them.

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