Leave a review after guests having loud sex?

My last guests were loudly enjoying the accommodations when I returned home at 3 in the afternoon. I quickly turned around and left the house but I’m wondering if this is something I note in the review for other hosts to be aware of. I certainly wouldn’t mention it specifically so as to not embarrass them but I would like to note it in some way. In two years, this is the first time I’ve heard the activity at this volume. Your thoughts?

Live and let live. If you really think it was over the top, mention it in the private feedback. I would not mention anything in public.


So their super loud sex caterwauling made you feel so uncomfortable, you had to go out? From your own home? Unacceptable, anti social behaviour. Thumbs down. The proverbial would be more suited to an hotel might do, although I know not everyone likes that phrase. More suited to their own private accommodation? Thumbs down anyway.


Were they expecting an empty house (did they assume they knew your schedule)? if so, good for them to be so considerate!

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If you’re staying in a room in someone else’s home, it would make sense to assume your host (or their family!) might want to use their home 24/7. They should have got (another) a room. Not fair to be so loud it makes others uncomfortable. If one of my clients had an appointment that afternoon and there was a din like that going on I might be forced to ask them to be quiet. Unpleasant.

Nearly the same experience in one of the hotels we stayed at two weeks ago…very loud lovemaking from the next room and in the middle of the afternoon :flushed: but it was less noisy when my ear wasn’t pressed so hard against the wall.


We never hear any of our neighbours doing it. Maybe it’s just an urban thing where you never assume you are alone, because people are always nearby. We have a thriving population, so it’s clearly all about maximum effectiveness, minimum noise.

I’ve had guests disrupt like this only they were downstairs in a s private space and could still be heard. The excessive noise seemed deliberate, although I didn’t mention it in a review. I probably just didn’t review but honestly I thought it was rude and unnecessary.


Several years ago, I had a young couple out in our Casita. It was 1 a.m. and the moaning and muffled screaming woke me up. I had to put a pillow over my head. Hubs, the next day, asked if he was dreaming or was there loud sex last nite. I told him he musta dreamed it…

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Are you pleased they’re having a good vacation?


I don’t understand why the OP had to leave the house and why he/she didn’t go to the room, rap on the door and ask if everything was okay? It would have probably embarrassed the couple but they would have shut up.

Sorry but I just find it odd that a host’s first thought is ‘should I mention this in the review’. Doesn’t that seem off to anyone else?

I’ve heard loud noises (of an obvious sexual nature) from our rental (separate apartment) and my main thought was that I didn’t want the neighbours to be bothered by the noise. I don’t see that I have any right to complain about a reasonable noise level during the day (it was afternoon) as our quiet hours don’t apply until 10 pm. But I made sure that I had a friendly chat about it with the guests to make sure that no neighbours were bothered by the noise.

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I agree @jaquo. Why didn’t the OP just slam door, hrrrumph loudly, turn on the stereo, or knock on the door and ask them to hold it down. I certainly would NOT mention it in the Public side of the review. I might, just might say something subtle in the Private part of the review “We’re glad you enjoyed your sta. For future reference, Afternoon Delight volumes should be kept to a minimum.”


Good one, Ken :wink:

I tell the guests that I’m so pleased that they’re having such a good time (winking at them so they know what I mean) but ask them to please keep the noise down as there are several single ladies living within earshot who would be very jealous. :slight_smile:


In my old house, sandwiched in the inner city around other tony houses, I had the neighbour over the back with loud sex parties in the spa (could never work how many parties but def more than 2) and my side by side neighbour with a BF who came over very late at night for very noisy sex.

What can you do?

Well, just to lighten things up a bit, remember staying in a motel coming back from a very long trip from Italy and wanting some badly needed sleep and listening to lovemaking going on and on and on, until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I raised the window to yell to quiet down and realized it was about 6 pigeons on the window sill. They sound just like someone having sex!


Yea, seeing how they were already in the act & likely had no knowledge that you had returned - I would assume they weren’t purposefully being inconsiderate. I wouldn’t mention it in the public review, but would in the private review just so they’re aware of their noise level.


yes, good point, they’d started when the house was empty

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When you make the choice to stay with Hosts in their home (which is generally cheaper) - as opposed to making the choice to stay in sole accommodation (which is generally more expensive) - there are some basic tenets of decorum that should be practiced.

Your guests would most likely have enjoyed the freedoms that a hotel or sole accommodation afford as opposed to staying with Hosts in their home. That’s just good old ‘etiquette’ and common sense ‘good manners’.


A couple of years ago I read in a blog something to the effect that if your guests enjoy themselves, then they are also more likely to enjoy your place and rate it higher. It also mentioned to have something ‘red’ in the room.

So on the basis of this, live and let live.

If I am your guest and you are bringing it up and you are not hitting the right note, I would probably let that taint my review of your listing.

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such as only having a shag when the hosts are out. The guests were just unlucky with their timing! :slight_smile:

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