Latest scams ref unauthorized guests and animals

So I had a lying guest show up claiming his previous host had canceled him due to double booking. It was he, his mom and his uncle and their dog (a sweet pibble) in my 2 BR whole house listing. Turns out he has two unauthorized guests and an unauthorized dog. I make the claim for the $20/additional person on the listing and $50 unauthorized person fees in the House Rules as well as the $25 unhouse trained pet fee (since I have no knowledge of whether the $15 house trained pet fee should apply) and the $50 unauthorized pet fee both of which are in the House Rules. So total Resolution Center Request is $215 and of course he inkers it and doesn’t respond. I get Airbnb involved.

Then the review publishes from the original host who says that the guy canceled because he didnt realize it was just a bedroom (albeit he listing has two beds and is a HUGE room) and gives him 5 stars. I hadn’t gotten to leave any review as I had been dealing with a new stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis in my BF.

So after me hounding the CS several times because they don’t bother to follow up for weeks I am awarded $100 for the unauthorized person fines only. With the other fees not paid because:

  1. The listing fee of $20/person over 1 do not get charged to people that do not spend the night, even though it states this in the House Rules

  2. The guest is claiming that the pet was actually a Service Animal and thus Airbnb will not speak anything more about it or charge anything. We all know this is a lie but they won’t even ask the two legal questions about it.

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I am very sorry to hear this. Everything else in our worlds is insignificant compared to an ailing loved one.


@PuppyLover Thanx. Today is his 56th birthday.


Something special planned???

Trying to take him tonight to VA Beach for some adaptive surfing with the Wounded Warrior Project tomorrow.


This is a bit worrisome, not that they won’t honor your house rules, but that they’re setting a precedent that a guest can invite more people than indicated on the reservation without consequence.

All hosts know that extra guests increase the amount of cleaning, the use of consumables, and the chances for damage. Yet Airbnb happily promotes the race to the bottom on pricing and hosts caught up in that can’t afford to absorb yet another expense.

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Oh I am so sorry to hear this @Militaryhorsegal, what an awful time for you both. I am sending you virtual hugs.

Might it be an idea to have a co-host in to support you so that you can concentrate on you and your partner without having to deal with the stress of running your Airbnb and problem guests or even considering a three month let so you don’t have to manage a series of guests?

Just a thought?


Thank you for sharing this. So my take-away is that because he broke your house rules with unauthorized guests & dog, you could’ve cancelled his reservation HOWEVER because you tried to work him and bill accordingly, you were penalized

That’s messed up.


Thanx for the hugs. I actually have had an inquiry for a 2 month stay. Probably won’t materialize though based on my experience and intuition. A cohost is a thought but not likely based on my location.

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