Latest Airbnb software glitch - free parking

I was just checking for my listings in Incognito Mode (I had five or six filters selected, which resulted in three matching properties). I could see one of my listings, but not the other. I removed all the amenities and checked them off again, one at a time, refreshing in between until it showed four properties (including mine). Turns out, clicking “free parking on premises” will not result in a match if you offer BOTH “free street parking” AND “free parking on premises” as amenities.

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Since both you and @JJD were having problems (see this thread)

and one of my relatives told me last night my listing disappeared if they filtered for Air Conditioning but I could not reproduce the glitch, I went and played around a bit on the site. It looks like the problem is just choosing too many filters; it does not seem to matter which ones you choose.

Once I choose about nine-ten filters (and get down to three-five listings) my listing disappears even though I know I am good for all of them. I can remove some at random (doesn’t have to be the same ones each time) and my listing will pop back up once I get it around six-eight filters total. Could you check and see if this is true for you also?

It definitely comes and goes when I turn the “free parking on premises” on and off, but having “free street parking” selected doesn’t seem to have any impact (at the moment!).

I have both of these as amenities, and clicking on “free parking on premises” does not make my listing disappear unless it happens to be in combination with too many other filters at the same time.

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If you remove all of your filters and only click on “free parking on premises” does it still disappear?

At the time I was searching, I only had five or six amenities selected. I don’t think of that as being “too many,” though - I often search for places to stay with twelve or more amenities selected (and instant book, and SuperHo). If I didn’t, I’d be wading through hundreds more listings. :smile:

Nope. It seems whatever I did has fixed whatever was going on, and I can’t seem to replicate it.


Well, all’s well that ends well. :stuck_out_tongue:

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