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Latest Airbnb cheap trick on us Hosts


Oh my goodness! It’s set in Oxfordshire! My family is from Kidlington and Bicester!!!

Or is it? I’m confused…


This is exactly what this forum is for


It’s about 35 miles from me. The Cotswolds stretches over parts of several counties like Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. It’s defined by building with Cotswold stone rather than political boundaries. You can visit Laurie Lee’s old pub in Slad.

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That I did not know. I happened to go on a sightseeing journey with my Mum when she was alive through the Cotswolds and Lake Country all the way up to Scotland (I have more family left in England than I do here in Canada) When when we were about to depart, they could not believe that we were travelling all the way up to Scotland only stopping overnight in Lake country…so far they thought! In Canada, that is par for the course to the next city! (Sorry, Lake District? Or Country?)


Lake District. You’re meant to at least stop for a boat trip and cream tea!

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Yes, we did. And encountered the vicious swans! Beautiful! But Yorkshire is a tied first for me!

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