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Latest Airbnb cheap trick on us Hosts


That page for Guadaloupe is pulling up properties from all around the area, not just in Guadaloupe. I recognize the “Serrana Villa” listing - it’s in Soufriere, St Lucia, and is a five-minute drive from my villa and I’ve met the owner.

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Do you ever watch Bachelor in Paradise?. :rofl::rofl:
Cheesy, low class entertainment. :joy:

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From watching DiP it seems to be a very high murder rate place, like Baltimore or South Chicago.



Oh the Australian version of Bachelor in Paradise is just finishing this Sunday. I hate to admit I am addicted to it. They even had 3 of the American bachelors on. Low lifes stealing our innocent Aussie lasses’ hearts. One went to LA with the American and then left him after he asked her for a threeway. Such class! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



That explains why I kept thinking of Ronnie Barker when I saw his photo.

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LOLLLL!!! That is hilarious. I didn’t know they were filming there. You know it’s the losers and drama mamas and divas on the main shows that end up on Paradise!!!

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Actually the Australian “Paradise” is in Fiji. Mostly the divas and drama queens from the Australian version of The Bachelor/ette. “Stage 5 clinger” is a favourite term this year.

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The line from season 22 Bachelor that stuck with me was

“Stop glam-shaming me. I have always been pro-glam” :rofl::rofl:

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Season 22? Where only on season 4 here. It’s all so fresh and new! :exploding_head:

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I know, he’s still gorgeous…that voice ahhhh



Not obvious at all. You happen to be wrong. I have asked Airbnb for clarification on issues relating to how they work on a number of occasions and they have been helpful.

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Ahh, Miss Jones, pronounced “Jeeyearns”

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Do you mean Richard Beckinsale? Unfortunately he died when he was about 40 of a heart attack.



Yes, I know, it’s one of the reasons I watch it :slight_smile:



Hello from beautiful Montana,

Thanks for sharing and caring. I am learning new tricks and tips every day to make our Airbnb more profitable.

Judy Helm Wright–Author/Blogger/Intuitive Wise Woman



Hi Rigsby,

I had a similar experience with a twist. When I clicked Airbnb’s 10% discount, it linked to a 25% discount offer that I could not alter. “No Thanks” similarly did NOT offer any alterable discounts.

Airbnb rep, Joselle’s email reply: “Regarding the special offer of 10% discount that you received via email yesterday, April 26, 2018, we found out that the system had generated a new special offer for your listing SpruceHaus at Serene Lakes today, April 27, 2018, which is for a 25% discount. And since the most recent discount set by the system is 25%, the system can only apply a 25% discount to your listing. Please note that this offer is set by the system, basing on the demand & competition among listings on your area.”

Appears that Airbnb engaged in a little bait and switch with my listing discount and seeks only to leverage bookings at little regard for hosts. I’ve read this sentiment on this blog, before.

I suggested that Airbnb provide hosts the opportunity to provide last minute discounts in order to drive bookings. I’m not holding my breath for an Airbnb answer.




Yes like Midsomer Murders which is set in the rural West Country (of England)! One of the mildest places on the planet.



I know this is an old post, but had to comment. I love MSM and was watching the other day thinking " does nobody think of moving due to the ill proportionate number of murders to townsfolk?!" Or "how is their any people left in this town?":joy:

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Yes we are all still here chewing straw and drinking cider. Even the cities have fewer murders than MSM!

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Is it set near you? In the Cotswolds, isn’t it?
I couldnt believe that it is still filming?! I saw the most recent season was 16th I think?! Watched a recent one and was trying to determine if it was the same woman who played his wife? If so, the woman does not age!


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