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Latest Airbnb cheap trick on us Hosts



Latest Airbnb cheap trick on us hosts: Just received an email as follows:
It looks like the nights of May 2-3 are still open for Hosts who set a one-time, 10% discount are at least 35% more likely to get booked for dates that otherwise may not get booked.
How it works
Guests looking at listings like yours for May 2-3 will see “10% off” on your listing when they search by those dates, and a select group of people will be sent an email offering 10% off.

Set 10% off

So I clicked on the “10% off” button which resulted in the next screen which had 2 options, first was “Offer guests a 16% discount”, or “No thanks”
Before I clicked the nothanks I clicked the 16% button to see if I could get to the 10% program I had just agreed to and yes there were further choices starting with a 20% discount offer and going up from there!
To see how the special program and announcements/banners to potential guests might work, I raised our rate back to the winter rate and changed min stay to 3 days for that part of May, and then went back to their email and clicked on the 10% deal and was directed to their minimum 16% off deal - which I clicked on.
Does any of this make sense from a business standpoint? O.K. Flame me all you want, but explain why Airbnb has a 10% off link which when clicked starts out at 16% and goes up from there.


Pilot Error. After you clicked 10% and were offered 16% or “No Thanks”, you should have chosen No Thanks which probably would have led you through the rest of the process to set the 10%.

Personally I ignore offerings like this by Air. They aren’t a “cheap trick” but they are intended to maximize their profits, not yours.


I had also tried the No thanks and it still did not offer the 10% suggested!


No flaming. A question back to you. Why would you expect your fellow hosts to explain why Airbnb does something:) Surely the people you should be asking is Airbnb?


Sorry to hear that Mr Rigsby. Perhaps they had heard about the rising damp?


I had a crush on Philip when I was a kid. @JamJerrupSunset


that is sick! truly sick.


Oh sorry I thought you meant Rigsby. Phillip. Yeah, Phillip!


Rigbsy/Philip - hmmn don’t know how you would manage to mix those two up… :blush:


We used to watch that when I was a kid in the 70s. I only remember Rigsby.


How could you not remember Philip’s handsome face :slight_smile: - he’s lush as we say here in the West Country.


I don’t want to shock you but I think as an 8yo I may have been more in love with Francis de la Tour. Comic genius.


The photo of Richard Beckinsale brought back the nightmares, I use to get called Jeffrey bobbles bon bon


Dishy as my friend from London would say. :heart_eyes:


The actor who played Phillip has been in Death in Paradise recently.


It is obvious that you have never asked Airbnb for an explanation of anything, otherwise you would not be suggesting that! I have learned more from this board, and in this case I am sure I am not the only person who received the email in question. Therefore it is quite likely that someone else may spend the time and put up with the frustration and come up with an answer.


He was SO cute … whatever happened to (insert name of actor that I can’t remember). Lovely voice too!


Thank you for sharing your experience. Like @KenH I ignore them and had no idea where they would lead.


I would think of Porridge first, also ignore ABB suggestions.


Is it the episode where some people turn up on the island and one of them is murdered and the killer turns out be one of the others, the one you least suspect?

SpeaKing of Death in Paradise, which I love, here is the AirBnB page for Guadaloupe where it is filmed. Gosh that looks nice.

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