Last-minute cancellations

Hello all, I just had a guest who did not inform me that she would be canceling if she didn’t get the required number of students for a course she was teaching in my area for three days. It is my busiest time of the year and I am only renting one bedroom because of Covid. In the 24 hours before her arrival she canceled. This was completely legal, but left me without any revenue for the weekend. Naturally, people had already made their plans and I did not get a replacement booking. Airbnb settings allow a 24 hour notice and then jumps to a five day notice. Is there a way to do a 48 hour notice? Thanks in advance.

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Bummer, but that’s just the way it is.


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As John said, there isn’t another option offered by Airbnb. Since you are dependent on the income and these sorts of cancellations are tough on you I’d suggest going to the moderate cancellation option. You can always refund someone who cancels in time for you to be rebooked.


I’m concerned that the five-day cancellation would be offputting. I guess I’ll just have to eat it. Thank you for your suggestion.

There are a number of people here who have experimented with different policies and report there’s no difference between the 5 day and one day. And I suspect anyone put off by having to set their plans 5 days in advance might be guests you don’t want. I use flexible but I’ve always had good luck getting last minute replacement bookings.


Me too except I can’t afford to trust to luck. I get on the phone, post to social media, get in touch with organisers of events or exhibitions happening during that period, get in touch with other STRs and hotels in the area…

I believe that it’s important to build up contacts like these especially for when you get a last minute cancellation.

I sometimes get replacement guests via Airbnb but otherwise I prefer to create my own ‘luck’. :wink:


Thank you! Those are terrific ideas.

I should make it clear that I am in the country in Vermont and this is not exactly a destination home. People coming here are going hiking or to concerts as part of a vacation. As it’s off the beaten track, it’s not a last minute thing for most people.


When answering a question here or talking about how I do things, I often mention what kind of listing I have. Jaquo has a very different listing from me and most of the things she does to promote her listing wouldn’t work for mine.


Very good point. There are very many hosting permutations.

Thank you. In the future, I will make what kind of place I’m hosting clear at the very beginning of my post. This is my very first time using the form. I expect I will learn a lot.


Might you give a hint as to where it is. I’m thinking of coming up there late Sept/Oct. Thanks

Zillacop, Check out “200-year-old farmhouse near Burlington.”

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OK, near where a friend lives, hoping to stay further away so she could come for a couple days.
I will look, thank you.

All the more reason you should have a stricter cancellation policy, since I suspect most other STRs in your area do just that, especially if your season books early.


Most hosts would lose money at some point with Flexible. It isn’t merely 24 hours notice at start of stay. They can also cut their stay short and leave you hanging.
Few of us have stays that would absolutely be rebooked with such short notice. Any guest who “would not book at moderate” can darn well keep looking. We use strict, and will not consider anything else. Each of us must choose what is the right business decision.


I’ve had a strict policy but went to moderate after re-opening. I get plenty of bookings with either.

Personally I’m liking the new “firm” policy (30 day refundable). That might be a good compromise for you if it’s available?

Thank you. I’m feeling good I need to move to moderate.

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I meant to say I’m feeling that I ought to move to moderate.

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