Last minute booking cancels as realises he can't have sex in private. Asks for refund

I was on instant book. A young man joins airbnb, books my place at 1.30pm and as I understand for instant book has to give a reason. The reason was basically he is booking the room to have first time sex with his girlfriend. I read this and look at cancelling as I feel awkward for myself now knowing this and really did I have to know? So I see I can’t really cancel. So I send a message to the guy confirming that I will be home and him and his gf will be sharing the house with me. He replies at 6.30pm says but I booked your house because it is separate. I explain how AirBNB works and if he requires privacy then he needs to cancel and find a room type ENTIRE HOME. I was a bit peeved as I couldn’t take my partner who was told to self admit to hospital that early evening as I would have not been back in time to have set up the house for their arrival (put away dishes and general tidy up). He then cancels at 7.46pm and now I have a request from him for a full refund. I prepared the house and was inconvenienced. Should I give him back his refund. It looks like a case of a newbie getting it wrong. How he thought he would get a whole 4 bedroom house for $70NZ is beyond me. I can see that a previous guest said in their rating they they enjoyed a big house to themselves but that was because I was away on the weekend they stayed. My listing is private room and says further down that it is shared with host. I have made it clear in the main description now.

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I’m sorry this happened to you. I don’t think you are required to return anything. I refund people who don’t stay most of the time. But since you were inconvenienced you should get something for your trouble. It appears that maybe your description wasn’t clear before this mishap. I have a “private room” but it has it’s own entrance, bathroom and two doors between the room and my hallway. I’ve seen a number of private rooms with a lot of privacy, he just needs to read the descriptions. I guess he didn’t feel that he had the time.

And not for your troubles but I’m chuckling a bit at all this. I feel badly for his girlfriend.

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He will learn far better if you don’t refund him. You already worked to prep the place for him, why shouldn’t you be compensated for it? Moreover if you had to put business before a family emergency…

I’d write “I am sorry you misread my property’s description but I had already arranged for your arrival when I received your instant booking confirmation. IB work on short timeframe and hosts must act fast to make sure the property is ready for their guest arrival.”.

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I wouldn’t refund! He’s really inconvenienced you and you were unable to accept any bookings. It’s his own fault. Also… what the hell is he thinking giving that as a reason?? :joy:

Sorry but I find this really amusing. :slight_smile:
I use IB and guests can book without giving any reason at all. I thought that was the point of IB?

But at least he was being upfront about it.

What I don’t get is that I don’t understand the difference between first time sex and any other couple. Are they likely to be noisier or what?


Really? Do we really want to go there? :laughing:


Ha! Maybe not :slight_smile:

We’ve had loud sex couples and I’ve told them to cool it a bit with good results (and good reviews). We’ve also had kinky but quiet sex couples and I haven’t discovered their kinkiness until they’ve left. But it doesn’t matter to me - as long as they are paying I don’t care what they get up to as long as there’s no real mess. :slight_smile:


He’d probably put candles all over the place and burn the house down… you know how these youngsters like to ‘make it special’


In which case, I have to admire him :slight_smile:

In my younger days there was no chance of a prospective boyfriend renting an Airbnb and providing mood lighting from candles. It was more likely to be a fumble on the back seat of a car. :blush:

I admire the initiative of today’s youngsters!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This forum never gets boring.

Apologies for laughing at your situation. Just couldn’t help it.

Here’s the thing. I have instant booked turned on, but only guests who have used AirBnB before and have only positive reviews can use it. I also have it set so that instant booking guests can only book at least two days ahead of their stay. I allow same-day requests, but they have to be requests.

Also, be sure to have a strict cancellation policy set. There is nothing worse than a newbie who doesn’t pay attention to what he’s doing, books your place at the last minute, turning your world upside down and then has completely unrealistic expectations. I would have milked him for every dime I could get out of him. Trust me. Air will never take this kid’s side given what’s documented. There is no way in heck he can argue “extenuating circumstances.”

Hope you got your money!


I thought I read somewhere that IB bookings need to state reason why they have booked. All my IB have messaged me.

I will add the extra requirements to IB. I am happy for same day bookings upon request. How do you add this to IB?

Many of mine do too but I still have people who book instantly with no communication at all before booking. Usually, those who message me beforehand have specific requests such as early check in. But guests can still book instantly without sending any message at all.

Thanks, good to know

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Excuse me - but what a CHEAPSKATE!

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I’d give him 50% refund.

NO REFUNDS!!! Period! Let them go to the No Tell Motel!


You and I think alike! I adore you! :heart_eyes:

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Didnt England have the submarine races? :smiley:

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I’m only going off what you see in the movies :joy: If only mine were so romantic!

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