Last minute booking cancels as realises he can't have sex in private. Asks for refund

No refund I would have done.

You’ve got me there. :slight_smile:

I had a similar situation with a last minute booking (not instant booking, I don’t do that). Whizzed round my house getting it ready, the couple turn up - one hanging back and obviously shy - and it became clear they had suddenly decided on their first weekend away together, hadn’t read my listing properly and thought they were getting my large house and pool to themselves for 45 euros…
I refunded them 35 euros, they gave me a good review and I gave them one too, regretting the misunderstanding. Everyone happy with that solution, though I was sorry they decided not to stay - I’d have kept out of their way, and I think they couldn’t afford a hotel or a place all to themselves so they went home.

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I had a potential guest message me a few weeks ago and he specifically said he stayed in a shared home (like mine) with his girlfriend, and they got yelled at for having sex, and asked if I would do that.

I declined the booking/blocked those dates so that he couldn’t try to instabook. I realize couples probably do have sex in my guest room, but I don’t want to know about it in advance, during, or after. I have never heard sex happening though while I’m at home. Hope it stays that way!

I’ve been known to put a glass up to the wall.

Just kidding.

It’s a place… usually like a hilltop or a river bank where you make out. If you say you went with a date to the submarine races, that is what you mean! :smile:

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I remember the ol’ submarine races. Another is to go snipe-hunting.

It was before my grey matter was fully developed.