Kind of weird behavvior

I have a Ring doorbell so I get alerts when there is movement. So my guests are a young couple, and the man has been wandering around in the driveway staring out at the street all day, wearing just shorts. I think he’s bored. He has his shorts down so his butt crack is showing for everyone to see. I am really uncomfortable with this. I’m on my way home and kind of afraid to confront him. Now I am home & I can hear they are arguing. I rarely can hear my guests (we share a wall) but they sound pretty angry. I guess I wait and see how loud it gets? Or if they get tired and simmer down? I don’t have a good feeling about this.

You can always ask your local police to stop by for a “safety check.” Better to be safe, than sorry.

I sense your male guest has had too much to drink or mixed his “medication.” You can tell your guests that a neighbor called you with concerns, after seeing him pace in your driveway.

Don’t be afraid. I sometimes think these people are like some animals, or spiders and things - more afraid of us than we are of them.

PS. I’m older than you :slight_smile:

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You’re afraid of a butt crack? Honestly, there are far more important things to be worried about.
What exactly is the problem with your guest? Is it in your house rules that guests must not be bored and walk around the driveway in shorts?
If I was him and you confronted me about this, I’d be pretty annoyed. I dislike this Orwellian monitoring. Just let the guy be ffs. He paid, didn’t he?

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I don’t want to call police if this will calm down. On the other hand I don’t want them to trash my house (or each other).

The yelling is escalating. I only once before had guests fighting, and that was two women so I had less fear of violence.

If you don’t have the police handle this NOW, your neighbors might file an Airbnb complaint with your local city officials.

I really wish I could send the hit squad over but you didn’t you pay your last bill. We need to talk about that, by the way.

The guy supposedly has relatives in the area. I work all day 1.5 hours away. I kind of fear retaliation. Usually when my guests come from up north it works out well, their family shows them around and they are busy and happy. I will wait a little longer to see if they calm down.

Just expressing anxiety guys.

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I suggest you gather lots of bottled water and snacks. Then, lock yourself in your bedroom. Then, hide under your bed for three days, or until your guests leave.

Either “grow a pair” or quit renting your guestrooms to strangers! Geeze!


So helpful, thank you so much.

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I have zero tolerance for domestic violence. If I heard anything more than yelling I would call the cops immediately. If it was only yelling, I’d be knocking and asking if everything was OK with my phone in my pocket. If that didn’t stop it, and it kept up I would be in touch with Air to ask them to leave.


I would be knocking on the door immediately. And if there was no reply, I’d go straight in. I meant it when I said above that I’m older than the OP. I am also relatively small compared to a big guy - which is quite a protection in itself. (They never feel threatened by me, it’s just like being yelled at by Granny Clampett and they were all scared of her :slight_smile: )

But, it doesn’t seem like completely unusual guest behaviour to me.


I will see if this keeps up tonight. I don’t want to be one of those hosts accused of cultural bias, racism, etc. It’s a separate unit, not inside my house - not that that excuses domestic violence of course! I didn’t get the sense that there was physical violence. They quieted down and went out later on.

Wow this is harsh! A little kindness goes a long way.
@Perimaud mentioned some anxiety so don’t be a bully


Yes its uncalled for. If anyone is wondering why this post has 15 posts and 152 views, maybe the lurkers are afraid of being bullied.

It sounds like the kind of situation where you’d be the bad guy if you tried to do anything about it. I think you’re doing the right thing. This stress is really unnecessary for you as a host. Its these kinds of things that make me regret doing Airbnb because it doesn’t seem worth it when you have that going on.

All you can do is leave an accurate review or at least drop a hint in the review and click “No” when asked if you recommend them. That at least prevents them from instant booking my place.

On a side note, I don’t do any rentals for more than 3 days for couples. They fight. Even though the better half is just one more person, it brings 4x as much trouble.


I’d do the same thing. They can argue and yell at their house. I’d be scared if I was in your position because I am a single lady. You don;t know who they are and the guy might become violent. They mights start to fight physically. they might throw stuff at each other and destroy your home. Call ABB asap and then the cops and evict them for disturbing the peace and quiet. Do you think that if they fought in a hotel where the neighbors could hear they wouldn’t call the hotel management and they wouldn’t interfere? Get them out asap.

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My neighbors would have a fit if my guest was running around in shorts. And personally I have no tolerance for quarreling. NEXT.


My neighbours would crack up laughing at them. Overtly!

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