Keep the deposit by ourselves

I think we better ask the guests pay deposit by cash at their checkin day.

my guess booked my place few months and he asked for the refund at his 25 days the reason every where dirty! Airbnb case manager refunded him at the next day but have not charge for his last night! my account have no other payout and they gave me negative number in my account! I contact them every day every night and they said case manager represent Airbnb if you feel unfair it’s your business! So we most ask all guest deposit at their checkin day. Cannot trust Airbnb anymore! Now they are standing in the guests side, we have to
Protect ourself

Airbnb is going to remove you from the platform if a guest complains about your cash on arrival demands.


of course you tell them first but not ask them money without notice! no proper will pay this when they don’t know about this! And they are staying in your place, the risk from host is already larger than them! They broken your place and go back their country, police cannot help you even!

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Are you saying the guests stayed for 25 nights, then complained to Airbnb that the place was dirty and Airbnb refunded the entire 25 nights?

Most of us don’t rely on the company or expect Airbnb to run our businesses for us. They are there simply to put potential guests in touch with hosts and facilitate booking. It’s up to us to ‘protect’ ourselves. It’s a shame that you expected more.

Airbnb, like any other company have their policies and their terms of service (which we all agree to abide by when we join) and one of them is that if you have a guest that was introduced to you for their service, you can’t take an additional deposit. If you do, you’ll get chucked off the platform. So it’s up to you.

If you feel that you’d be better off running your business in your own way, that’s perfectly fine.

From their help pages:

… we ask that all security deposits be handled through the Airbnb website. Payments outside of the Airbnb website, including security deposits, are a violation of our Terms of Service.


Airbnb overrides cancellation terms to the host very often now, we no longer need to care about their terms!

He just pretend to book it for few months get the monthly discount and refund the remaining after few weeks! and then case manager go to tell you your guests have cancelled your booking get the refund since yesterday!

I agree with you they are guest centered. We owners have no power.