Just remind me please

My calendars became unsynced without my knowing it and today I got a request to book on top of a date already taken by Glampers. I have responded, not declined or accept and asked the Air guest to cancel and change. what is the next best step ?

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That’s all you can do, apologize and fix it. I might also have offered a small discount just to make it really seem sincere. It’s a real bummer to find the perfect place and then be told it’s not really available. I mean searching on Airbnb is a real PITA! So I’d be super apologetic. Let’s face it, it’s your responsibility to check these things regularly.

Re: Kobe, though I’m not a fan of the NBA or of Kobe he was one of the greats of the game. It’s always a reminder that no one is immune and we should all strive each day to live life to the fullest we can and don’t put things off. RIP Kobe.


Yes I did apologize and there are other dates available. But should I decline it also??

kkc you are right about appreciating every day we are given and to live fully.

The Daily Mail, (I know, but still) is saying that one of the girls was with him. :frowning:

No, don’t decline you only need to reply. It will expire in 24 hours.

Even checking doesn’t guarantee this won’t happen. In December my calendars became unsynced and there was no indication. Went thru it w/tech support, they verified that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. They put me on hold, then said another team knew and was working on a bug that was effecting only some hosts (lucky me).

The person who was requesting to book didn’t meet my IB requirements, luckily. They were trying to stay while we were there.

If that ever happened and it really got booked, we could get it guest ready and move into our family’s guest suite, so it would have only been an inconvenience we got paid for. (We don’t take same day bookings and have discussed this backup plan.)

I thought for a request (not inquiry) that letting it expire is the same as declining?

Honestly, I don’t know. I shouldn’t have replied.

now I am real cornfused…
I’m trying to get them to cancel.
They are pretty nice about but can’t choose a different date.

Cancel? So they booked already? Or just requested. All in all I don’t think you should worry one way or the other, one decline won’t kill you…not your place.

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I have the booking already, from Glamping Hub. Air was not syncing properly like it has been for quite some time.

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No, it’s not. Declining is reflected in your Acceptance rating. If you let a request expire without accepting or declining, that affects your Response rating. It’s far better to decline than to let a request expire. Response rate target is 90% and factored into Superhost requirements. Acceptance rate is 88% and not a criteria for Superhost.

Not unless something has changed from Airbnb’s position in the last 18 months.

That’s only half of the answer. Yes, it’s better to decline than to let a request expire without responding at all. However, if you respond to a request, it will still expire, and in that case declining and allowing the request to expire are treated the same (i.e. neither counts as an “accept”).