Just for fun- What are they saying?

Someone posted over on the CC that the latest Airbnb home page photo should be changed, because it looks like the young couple is having an argument.

So what do you envision the argument to be? Here’s mine:

Her: What were you thinking, booking this godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere? Did you even read the listing information? The house manual warns about bears! Did you forget we have a child?

Him: Hey, I’m sorry, okay?- I’ve never been out of NYC. I just saw the word remote and thought they were talking about the electronics amenities.
Oh s**t, is that a spider?


“You can stay if you want to - we are leaving!”

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Hi there. Sorry but I laughed at this. And it’s just the kind of story I’m looking for a livestream roundtable of A Comedian Crashes Your Pad, my streaming TV show. I’m looking for several hosts who want to share their funniest, or weirdest story with a guest. If you’re interested, message me back and search A Comedian Crashes Your Pad to find out what I’m all about. Happy hosting

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So what is the rate? Are you paying in cash, or Amazon vouchers? Is it a one off appearance fee or is the fee linked to the success (views) of the episode?

Folks here really like Amazon vouchers, and that’s no joke!



The sheets are not cotton they are microfiber! I don’t care if you think they look pretty and don’t wrinkle! We are paying $75 a night and I want a crisp cotton percale, preferrably ironed!

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John: I don’t pay for guests to be on my livestream. Truthfully, I’ve never heard of such a thing. I have been the guest on dozens of podcasts, both audio and video, and have never asked about payment. However you are free to promote your property during the interview. Still interested?

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Why not?

You want us to help you make money/increase your profile, all for free?



JohnF, just think of all the EXPOSURE you will get! :crazy_face:

I am so tired of being asked to provide content (photographic in my case) to ‘for profit’ businesses in exchange for exposure.

My mortgage company does not take ‘exposure’ as payment, why expect me to do so?


Nor does “exposure” buy toilet paper, or sanitising gel or any effin thing.

Yup, get that all the time. The usual pathetic response to a NO, is usually “oh, but it’s just a little Web site”.

Stroll on…


@GSchwem You have no idea how sick hosts are of being offered an ‘opportunity’ by bloggers, youtubers, and Instagram ‘influencers’.


My usual response is to say.
“Please book, after your stay, please ask the guests that stay to reference you in their 5 star review. I will happily refund you 10% of your stay. Ten happy bookings will get you your free stay.”
Then it’s crickets.


I have some wild stories and love Amazon vouchers. Plus I take Venmo, PayPal, and business checks.

Yeah, and he has friends who need AirBnB and possibly services for your other businesses!

Amen! And “It’s just a little website.” To which I reply “The word “just” is $5,000 worth of work. Add in an “only,” a “but” and the price goes up exponentially. The easier the front end is, the more back end complexity. I’ve spent years figuring this stuff out - you’re buying my expertise.”

Oy. @GSchwem you’ve been clapped back by the hosts.


Because there are so many people these days who are thrilled by the idea of having their 15 minutes of “fame”. Everyone wants to be a star and thinks being a star means appearing on some reality TV show or starting a youtube channel.

But you won’t find many on this forum.


LOL. Wow, I get the point. And I don’t take it personally. I created A Comedian Crashes Your Pad - which was recently signed to a national distribution and marketing deal by LA-based Fantastic Films, LLC in the midst of COVID mind you - because I was fascinated with the homesharing market and the people who open their homes to strangers. I have met some fascinating and hilarious people all over the world, people I wouldn’t find by staying in your competition, i.e. hotels. And I have no doubt that includes you @JohnF and @Skai Muddy and casailinglady, despite the time you took to rip me a new one and insert words and phrases like “Exposure” and “just a little website” into my original post. If you are not interested in participating, that’s fine. I hope you will check out the show anyway. Best of luck to all of you.


Yep, we are a bit entrepreneur- and student thesis-fatigued round these parts.

Also we are busy variously trying to reopen, tap a reinventing travel market, deal with the latest regulatory regime or Covid restrictions, and recover from a loss year. Because, yes, we are in business to make money.

Good perspective – it ain’t personal.


@GSchwem It does sound like a fun project, just that hosts are asked all the time to “Fill out this survey, it’ll only take 15 minutes”, etc, and if we did, we’d be spending hours on them.

If you are making money from your project, paying people to participate in providing you with content would be the appropriate thing to do.


:rofl: If you’ve been lurking and reading this forum you should know that it’s merciless and you need a thick hide to post anything.

THIS is why everyone here hosts. We’ve made friends, we’ve met interesting people, we’ve seen the best and the absolute worst in people and we come here to vent, get support, and get a new one ripped if we’re being disingenuous.

Hooray for your LA deal. But it won’t impress anyone here. Many of the hosts here have had high-powered careers (some still do) and every “Super Host with 500+ 5* reviews” who whines on this forum gets trolled.

In all seriousness, Good luck and I wish you tons of success. And when you get those Amazon vouchers for hosts as part of that big money deal, ping me or any host with a wealth of stories. We’d be happy to help.


back to the op photo on the 1st page of Airbnbn:

I think the woman with child is supposed to be a host the other person a guest. But black cabins??? like witch project type str??? can you find them at night??? and all 2nd hand frumpy clothes???

There is definately some tension and strangeness in the scene. Him" I thought it was a private cabin" , “Her, well there are no windows on our side of your cabin” Him… “but they are only a few steps apart!!” Her… “well we won’t be knockin’ when your cabin is rockin”


I have never understood why people think this should be the norm. Bullying drives people away.

I thought the forum owners’ goal was to grow the number of interacting members.

Are you saying it is acceptable those of us who pay nothing to participate should engage in or condone behavior to undermine the goals of the site owners?

I don’t think anyone condones just being nasty, unless someone basically invited it by the tone and content of their post. Like if a newbie starts out by attacking and criticizing everyone.

But all of us have different communication styles and personalities. Some people are just sarcastic by nature, some are always sweet and empathetic.

Straight talk isn’t bullying, it’s just not sugar-coated. You do need a thick skin for that. People who are quite sensitive and take everything personally and expect all responders to be huge empaths, have a hard time on public forums, not just this one.