It's been a fun ride by time to say goodbye

I belong to a few STR forums but your group has been by far the most professional and helpful.

After 4 years, I am leaving the STR business. With the uncertainty of COVID and the quality of guests and the pressure to bring down the rates, I can’t make the money I need to support the expenses of the house I raised my family in so it’s time to downsize. I know there will be times I miss meeting all the great guests but I won’t miss the difficult and needy guests. Nor will I miss the incompetence of Airbnb’s website glitches, policies, and customer support.

I’ll probably lurk on the forum for a while but for the most part I am closing up shop. Who knows, if I find a house with a small space suitable for a rental with a separate entrance, I might be tempted.

Take care all and be well and safe.


Note - cartoon is my ex-hubsband’s and posted with permission. Permission is required to use.



And the same to you Lynn, you’ll be missed if you disappear completely!

Good luck with what you do next.



Please don’t simply lurk; contribute! Your input has always been timely, professional and welcome. Even if you are not hosting, you have such experience to offer others.

You’ve had a really tough time recently, both emotionally and financially, and I am sure are still weathering this, so please stay with us.

I wish you all the best with your downsizing, and do hope you find somewhere to move onto that is fulfilling on all fronts. It would be good to hear your news from time to time, good or bad. So keep us posted please!


Best of luck with your new abode!
I don’t want to sound Pollyanna-ish, but there have been many times in my life when circumstances forced me to, or the universe contrived to make me, change course, and more often than not it’s turned out for the good.


Good luck in your next venture and please continue to contribute. You’re one of the reasons this forum has been professional and helpful!


Best of luck and please stick around. We have a wealth of advice on home buying, decorating, maintenence and anything else you need help with. :slight_smile:
Thanks for being a contributing member of the forum.


I’m really hoping this to be the case. I do believe that the universe (LOA) I’m going to move to a new state not knowing anyone. I want to live in a beach town in the North East (I like winters) with a great bike path nearby and within my budget so I have to move.


This sounds like Bristol, RI. A friend of mine used to live there. It’s right off the East Bay bike path, part of the New England bike paths. And it’s not pricey like Newport :slight_smile:

Good luck to you! Perhaps an LTR would bring the gap? Do whatever you need to do.

You may wish to take a look at the forum T’s and C’s. I haven’t but by posting the content, you may be allowing everyone here to use that content on this forum as they wish. :slight_smile:

Good Luck, and Good Health to YOu!

Best of luck Lynn! You’re heading towards a new chapter and that’s a good thing. As others have said though, please stick around. :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m doing but income is 1/3 less and after my unemployment runs out I would be dipping into my savings which at my age is not something I’m willing to do.

I wish I could afford Bristol. I want to purchase my home with cash and want to account for the rise in sea levels. Looks more like E. Providence.


@Lynick4442 Maybe you could get into some co-hosting after you get settled in a new area. Since you have the experience and say you like meeting guests, some fairly simple co-hosting job nearby might work out.

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Love the cartoon. We have made the same decision. Now that I can travel freely without hosting responsibility, I can’t go anywhere, lol

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Sorry to hear this, best of luck Lynn!

I hope you continue on this forum. Sometimes change born out of adversity can bring marvelous things. I’m sure it will for you.

Btw-beach area living sounds good to me.

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@Lynick4442 Thanks for all your Forum input. Good Luck with the transition.

My last home transition (CA to AZ) brought me to a house that, by chance, had a guest house that I didn’t have much need for, leading me to AirBNB hosting and then this forum. May you have as fateful and happy a transition.

PS Every topic should have a theme song :thinking:. Finding one for this topic was far too easy but seemingly appropriate.


I gave up my STR business A couple years ago (I offered my home as a house share and a whole home rental) for many of the same reasons you noted— specifically quality of guests and expensive insurance costs.
I don’t miss the income at all. In fact, it caused me to take a serious look at my main career and move to a better salaried position.


That is excellent news. Hope you’ve been well. You were one of the members I most respected when I first arrived on this forum.