Itinerary adjustment loophole

Quick question- I’ve read on here that there’s a loophole so if a guest changes their reservation to a later date they could be able to cancel without penalty within 48 hours (depending on your cancellation policy etc).

But what if a guest wants to adjust their itinerary to add a guest to the reservation and keep the same dates? Does that type of change restart the 48 hour cancellation clock for strict bookings? I’m totally fine with the change (it’s still under our max guest count) but would def prefer to have it updated in the system so there’s no weirdness about guest count/who is coming.

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I think the answer is ‘yes’ and that any reservation alteration that needs approval by the other party triggers the free cancellation window. I’m certain if does if the change in guest count also changes the price (e.g., because the listing has an extra guest fee), but it might not if there’s no change in price.

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Ah interesting. In this booking there’s no change in price, thanks for the advice!

Reminder that the first respondent said they ‘think’ that. This is not good advice yet - until it it proven with a citation…


Then, on the basis that you don’t have a definitive answer, tell them that you’ll update the guest count on arrival/check in.

You’ve then got it in the system, and if you get any pushback you’ll know they were trying to do a sneaky cancellation.



I just booked a couple places for Sept stating to the host it was for myself and one other friend that I would let them know about when their schedule was clear. Neither host said anything about it and it was not over guest totals.

Yes or at least within the time period before check-in where the 48-hour window won’t open up (this depends on the specific cancellation policy).

Agreed. If you’re worried about losing money due to the guest taking advantage of the loophole, then wait until you’re within the time that the 48-hour cancellation window can’t open.

Not sure this is accurate. I was under the impression that ANY date changes restarted the 48 hour cancellation window…?

For a strict cancellation policy, guest can get a free cancellation for 48 hours, as long as the guest cancels at least 14 days before check-in

The window doesn’t open up at all if it’s already past the date where cancellations are no longer allowed (i.e. 14/5/1 days for Strict/Moderat/Flexible) UNLESS the check-in date gets moved as part of the change request and the new check-in date is beyond the 14/5/1 day advance.