"It is not possible to book this property. Please contact Airbnb Support"

A guest trying to book with me (who meets the criteria for instant book) is apparently receiving this message every time she tries to book. Any ideas what it could be?

Are the desired dates available?

Yep, definitely are available

Mmm … I believe we should all be worried about this. I’m sorry to hear something like this it is happening to you. I will add this issue to the one that sometimes hides your listing from search and to the many complains of guests having trouble to verified themselves. With all these technical glitches it will be an act of god to get a confirmed reservation.

Lucy… where are you located? They’ve been unceremoniously de-listing hosts in certain locations. without explanation or apology.

To name a few that we know of-- Barcelona, Santa Monica, New York, San Fran., and now, apparently, Berlin.

If they delist you, they may not feel they need to provide customer service to you. Each CS call costs them something… so once you get the boot, you can expect radio silence from them. This is what some hosts have reported to us here

Keep us posted!

oof, that would be a nightmare, so I really hope not! I’m near to SF, but in another county and fully permitted/operating legally. The listing still appears active in every other way :confused:

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything more.

It’s not blacked out on another of your calendars, is it?

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Good idea! but nope, this listing isn’t associated with any other calendars.

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Hi Lucy - do you know if she was trying to book through the app or a computer?

computer, apparently.

And she’s still getting the same message today :confused:

As far as I know, the website works much better using Google Chrome than other browsers. It’s long shot but might be worth a try.

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Ask her to try the app. When my listing went on the fritz for 6 days (!!) I discovered that people could still book through the app. Keep on ABB every single day until they fix it. I was told it wasn’t anything I did and that it was a persistent system glitch. The last CS guy I spoke with said dealing with all their website changes and subsequent glitches was like “nailing jello to the wall”.


same thing happened to me, I was using google chrome and searched for my property using general search query on the neighborhood. I can view my listing on the search results but when I click on my listing, I got this error on the top screen “The listing is temporarily unavailable.” I found out about this and contacted AirBnB right away through their Twitter account and I also posted on their resolution center. I got a reply they Twitter and they said they can reassure me that they can view my listing perfectly well. Another reply I received on my email saying:

"I’ve heard back from my teammates, who asked me to let you know that they’ve documented this issue and truly appreciate your report. They’re investigating the root cause of the problem and working to fix it as quickly as possible, but unfortunately they were unable to give me an idea of when it would be completely resolved.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate you taking the time to report this issue - we’re lucky to have you as part of the Airbnb community."

I received this message 3x on separate days by different CS agents and finally today:

"I hope my email finds you well.

I just want to know if you are still encountering a problem in your listing?

Please let me know by replying to this email."

No explanation or whatsoever. this was raised to them May 12. Today, upon checking my dashboard/stats, my views went flat since April 29.

My guess are these-
1/ glitch
2/ they deactivated or made my listing inactive because I have declined several absurd requests.

My unit clearly states max of 2 adults and no groups/parties.
One inquiry is booking for 1 night and having 10 other people to use the amenity (swimming pool) for their party.

Another inquiry was this couple wanting to celebrate a birthday party and inviting 6 other people.
Last inquiry was parking requirement and my listing clearly state in the amenities section that I don’t provide parking.

If my ranking is based on having to decline an inquiry, it should not be solely to the expense of the host. I had several requests the past weeks that I simply have to decline because these guests are not reading the description and house rule.

I felt like im being penalized for the stupidity of other people.

just venting out. apologies if this has been a lengthy one.


rinarina that was the same error message I was getting as well. I was told that it was a glitch and nothing I did…you may want to call them and ask that question specifically. In other forums, I read that if you have photos with text, bots can flag them for further review. This is to prevent Hosts from asking people to book off the site. Your photo might be number 450 in a list of 2000 (for example) and you just have to wait until someone has had a chance to review it. You will be unlisted until that happens.

I’ll check about that. it could be with the last picture I uploaded about my internet speed test result. they may have taken it as a poster with numbers etc.

So I just heard back from someone at AirBnB and - in this case - they say the problem is with the guest, rather than the listing… which is reassuring for me. But if other people are encountering this issue repeatedly that’s concerning.

That is reassuring! Might be worth asking them to do a test booking for you just to make sure. I know they can because they did that when my listing was down.

I wonder if it’s a problem with verification…

good idea, thanks!

On another note, they advised me to send the potential guest the AirBnB help number, but of course all phone numbers are censored from AirBnB messages to potential guests, even the AirBnB phone number!

It’s times like this when you remember you are dealing with a relatively young company.



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