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Is this a scam inquiry?

I’m a new host. I found this message odd. I assume it is a scam? Also, the person’s photo looked like a stock photo - but then, maybe they’re just a good looking family?

My name is Alexander Petersen ,
I am very interested to book your apartment but I have technical issures with the Airbnb messaging
system and price .
In case your place is available next month or April I want to book for 10 day vacation to your city

with my family : me , my wife and 2 kids . Pease let me know your best price for 7 days.
In case you have the dates avaiable please
reach me on my company e-mail adress : alexander@dhcbank. club

Best regards,


Never take anything outside of Airbnb - deadset no!

I would also report this guest for doing this.

… and yes spam!

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20 20 20 20 20 20

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Not necessarily. It could be that’s he’s new and doesn’t really get how it works, or know how to check your calendar etc. what happens when you google DHC Bank? See if you can find him on Facebook or LinkedIn. In any case, ignore his request to email him directly and keep everything on the Airbnb messaging system.

And I think most would agree with me when I say if your guts telling you no, listen to it and just decline. It’s not worth any potential drama

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Except that DHCBANK.CLUB is a Chinese site used for scams.


Hahaha good point

20 20 20

There you go then, that’s what happens when you google it! :joy:

it wasn’t a .com URL. I mean what bank uses .CLUB?

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Ok, apologies for my bad advice

Thanks, all. Yes, I found the same when I googled. Also, no profile on LinkedIn and too common a name on FB.

I don’t get it. If they are going to pay me, what’s the point?

They will get access to your house. Or they will want to send a Western Union check and have you send some of it back. They might ask you to log onto a phishing site. Or or or or… These people do this as a full time job and aren’t stupid.


Also, how do I report him? I just keep getting looped in the help center.

Have their profile open and click on ‘Report User’

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How was the guest even able to enter an email address. I am unable to communicate with guest via phone until they book or email for that matter and it is frustrating when they have questions.

what does 20 20 20 mean?

20 minium characters in repy

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He put spaces between the at sign. I know, I’ve had that frustration before too. He obviously knew what he was doing.

Thanks suze, I still can’t find it. Doh!

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