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Is there a way to add charge for pets that is collected by airbnb? And what is your pet cleaning fee?


I collect a pet cleaning fee in cash, but would like to find a way to do it through airbnb. Also, would love to be able to set two different kinds of damage deposits, one is regular, another is for pet owners. Currently I charge $250 pet cleaning fee (it includes professional carpet cleaning fee), and $750 damage deposit for pet owners.


There is no way at the moment but know knows what might happen in future? Airbnb are always changing things so it might happen one day.

We don’t change a pet fee because we have ‘pet-proofed’ the place as much as possible.


I just modify the reservation if it was instant booked, or send a special offer with the fee, if it was not.


This is a great idea, thank you!


I have the defaults set to a $50 cleaning fee and a $200 deposit which is for people travelling with pets. In my ad i indicate that if you arent travelling with pets to message me first and ill turn off the fee/deposit for their booking


I have had trouble collecting extra fees for pets and have asked Airbnb to add a button for pets like VRBO. They said put a request in so I did.
Trouble is now even though I put a 12.00 fee up front and people respond via messaging, somehow they always forget to pay the fee when they get here. I feel akward reminding them as airbnb says not to ask for money etc so now I am waiting until after they leave and then requesting the money through a resolution center request for money. Still don’t know if that will work but it all seems easily fixed if they put in an extra button for pets.


If I allowed pets for a fee, the moment I knew that an animal was part of the reservation, I would send a Special Offer with the pet fee included. Is there any reason you don’t do this?


Airbnb does not want a pet fee. This was made clear by their policy change last year. If you want to charge a fee for pets (and I do) it must be stated in your rules or it is not enforceable. Then, after the person books or requests I send a modification or a special offer.

Almost all my people bring pets, so I do it almost every single time. It’s not that hard and none of my guests have complained. And before you ask why don’t you just add the fee into your rate, I don’t because that throws me out of range with my competitors. I’m booked as much as I can be so it works for me.


@Tom_Towle Airbnb was playing you when they said put in a request. Hosts have been asking for this from day one. This is not some feature they just forgot. They want guests to get accurate estimate without added fees.


My pet fee was $10 and I recently raised it to $15. As others have suggested I send an offer or change request as soon as they inquire or reserve. I put the fee requirement in my rules and other places in my listing and I state that fees must be paid before check in. Most people take care of it. When they don’t I put in a request via the resolution center. One reason I raised the fee is because it is a hassle. Now everyone has to pay for the mistakes of a few.


I agree with everybody else this must be the No 1 requested item and if they wanted to do so they would have done so a very long time ago so I hold no hope.

I do not currently charge but would so if there was an easy option. So they are missing out on income.


I would love to have a second bed fee when only two people book. I do have a fee for a third person which covers the bed and extra breakfast, but there is no way to gracefully have that second bed for a second person fee. I realize, like the animal fee, I could include it in the listing and house rules, but it feels petty without a designated spot.


Hmm yes but we must keep proding the designers for features that work for us.

"We are more defined by our weaknesses then by our strengths. "


@Tom_Towle When Air came out with their policy change last year saying they would support guests who refused to pay a pet fee unless the pet fee was stated in the rules section, I took that as an answer. Air would even prefer guest not charge a cleaning fee.

But, I like your optimism! :wink:


Ha I hope I placed it there. Thx. Is this group sponsored y air so they can monitor us grumpy hosts!

"We are more defined by our weaknesses then by our strengths. "


No. This group is not affiliated with Airbnb in any way.


Well I was hoping they were trolling. I am sure they are. Good way to get feedback o. Their product and service.

"We are more defined by our weaknesses then by our strengths. "


Yeah like I never thought of that but I see a problem:
1, I would not be able to use Instant booking which Air suggests to use as I will get more bookings as Airbnb people are instant gratification types.
2. It is not designed for that. my idea was that it was to offer a discount but I suppose I could turn my world upside down and ask for more money for pets.

I am getting sick of people with pets. They are saving money by travelling with them as boarding them would cost more. I thought pet owners loved their pets more but they seem to love their money more;)
I cannot see why an extra button for pets would that hard to add.
Maybe I should start my own Airbnb for pets!!!


I also had $500 damage deposit. I let a family with a dog to stay in my apartment. The dog was not well-behaved or properly trained for an apartment. owners of the dog did not bother about what their dog does either. They let it on the bed after taking him for a walk…the dog barked when left alone. neighbours complained to the condo management about loud barking and door scratching. The dog scratched the hardwood, it damaged the rug fringe. The rug stinks dog, the cushion stinks dog and it is as dirty as if it was in the trash bin… the bed mattress cover had traces of dusty paws ingrained in it. The bathroom sink was left badly clogged… Guest declined my request to compensate the damage for the hardwood scratches, fixing the rug, and unclogging the sick (no wonder. they did not want to pay the dog fee either. a young family with a 2 yr old kid). Airbnb supported the guest who trashed my apartment. I received nothing as a compensation. Looks like it’s within reasonable wear and tear according to Airbnb. So, be careful and write very precise rules for pet owner when you let them in. I feel unfairly treated by my guests and Airbnb. These guests were problematic from the beginning and Airbnb new that. What is a reasonable wear and tear? It has not been identified by anyone.



How would rules make a difference?

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