Is there a size limit on reviews?

I was just looking over the local competition last night and spotted a doozy of a review on a local host’s listing:

Just scroll down her recent reviews until you find the one by “Gwynne”. It is practically a novel! Is there a character or word limit on reviews?

1000 word limit

So its a $65 a night listing that sleeps 6. You get what you pay for! Sounds horrible, as I would expect.



I never cease to be amazed by people. For a super cheap price they expect the Ritz-Carlton. (Btw Atlanta Ritz is $399/night plus taxes for one room/2 queen beds)

In some ways we hosts do it to ourselves. There is a lovely 2br/2ba condo not far from mine. Local owners clean & stock with coffee, juice & breakfast bars. $80/night. In that complex condos rent for $150-$220/night plus cleaning fees. Understandably the bargain condo is booked months in advance.

Family A rented there last year. This year it was unavailable so Family A booked my unit.

MomA wanted to know why I didn’t provide coffee & breakfast too and a free cleaning service because my rental was more expensive.

Although she found comparable rentals to be more more expensive than mine, her review was 3* for value because the one host provides a exceptional deal.

Instead of being grateful she had gotten a deal the prior year, she was unhappy everyone couldn’t match it. SMH


Wow, very detailed indeed. Odd that so many other guests seemed to be happy with the home. I find it odd that the host did not reply. If I were looking to book this place, after reading that long review, I would move on to another place.

Written by another cheap Airbnb guest with Ritz taste on a Motel 6 budget. The guest is the issue here, not the host with many prior positive reviews.


She stayed an hour and managed to write all that! I had a good laugh that she was aghast there was a fan and two sewer’s mannequins in the unit.

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Thanks. I’ll bet they used every word!

I also would not have responded to this review. Complaining that they were limited to six guests but there were more than six chairs available? I think a rant that long makes the guest look bad, not the host.


Someone obviously has too much time on their hands. But it does look horrible. It’s so cluttered and you can see where the host has shoved things believing them to be out of sight for the photograph.

It has a pretty horribly star rating too so as RRR says, the guest really shouldn’t have expected much for the price and he/she had every chance to look at the photographs before booking. Several reviews are quite bad and many mention that the neighbourhood is bad. So they just went for the cheapest, probably.

We know from some of the hosts who have posted here that there are some hosts who don’t leave reviews or leave inaccurate ones and guests are the same. The good reviewers probably didn’t mean it.

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Funny, a lot of the stuff mentioned is really petty, and would be really common when renting somebody else’s 2nd home, which I assume is what this is given the amount of stuff claimed to be in it.

On the other hand, the pictures show some safety issues (fire extinguisher on floor, twin bed on plastic risers) and maintenance issues (broken cabinet drawer and broken oven drawer in kitchen), plus there are no photos of the bathroom or laundry room. It definitely makes me wonder what can’t be seen in pictures.

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My opinion on that review is that the guest probably tried to get a refund. So this reeks of a very disgruntled guest. The property is very inexpensive and the other reviews are good.
I would ignore that crazy review.


Yup, I checked with an online word counter. 1000 words exactly



I’ve seen reviews where they go over the count but don’t bother to edit they just get cut off mid rant.

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This is one of them. It ends like this

My heart goes out to anyone showing up at this place, in this condition, at 3 am, with no…

I think the part that is cut off is

…thing else to do but complain.