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Is it difficult for a group of 18-year olds to obtain a stay on Airbnb?


I am currently a high school senior, and me and my friends were planning a trip to possibly San Francisco or Boston. 4 of us are 18, 2 of them are 21. Hotels are quite expensive, so as we were looking into other options, we stumbled onto Airbnb.
After doing some research, I’ve become worried as to how difficult the process will be to book a stay. Understandably, 18-year olds aren’t ideal guests and can cause many accidents. To the Airbnb hosts/bookers: Would you say that it’s difficult for 18 year olds to get a stay? If so, what are some tips to convince the owner that we’re responsible?
Many thanks,


Thanks for your honesty. You do sound like a good young man for even having the insight to ask.

I think you can understand why hosts would hesitate to rent to six young men under 21. Perhaps if you can convince your hosts that you will be well behaved and not have a party, cause disruptions or damage items.

I have rented to under 21 and they’ve been delightful, respectful guests. All have written me beforehand with convincing letters.

Good luck.


Aside from a nice message to the potential host explaining your plans, the people in your group, and how responsible/respectful/clean you are going to be, I would also recommend taking some time to make a complete Airbnb profile. So do as many verifications as you can, put a profile picture(a real photo of you without any filters), and write a short description. When you are making a booking request/reservation there will be a screen that pops up saying “let [host] know who is coming” and you have the opportunity to fill in the names of the other guests. As a host, knowing the names of all the potential guests always makes me more comfortable and likely to accept.

Good luck with your search.


@andrew7189 you posted this same question last night two times. In the other post you said that one of the people in the group is 17, so a minor. Many hosts who have a whole house have minimum ages; for some the minimum age is 25. They may want to know the names and ages of everyone in your group and if you give two different answers, don’t expect to be warmly welcomed.

One thing you could offer the owner to show that you are responsible is a big deposit. Most owners of entire homes have a deposit but you could offer something on top of that. Other than that, I don’t know. I taught high school for 28 years. Some your age are great but we know that the risk taking parts of your brain don’t develop until after age 25 on average. Any host that accepts you is taking a risk.


I’m not sure I would take a minor unless accompanied by their parents.

Just exactly what do 6 young men this age want to do in a house by themselves? If watching movies quietly that’s one thing. If drinking, throwing a party and getting crazy with no parents around, that is quite another.


As a host, where do you find the travel companion name information? I always ask because I want to write a note and personally greet guests. I have had a couple of guests tell me that they already provided this info when booking. I was under the impression Airbnb kept this info to themselves. I’d be grateful to learn I’m just not looking in the right spot.


What @Screaminmimi511 said. In particular, good photos are always a plus. Also a profile with some actual information in it is always good.

Also, write a polite (without going over the top) and literate message (correct spelling and grammar) which gives the host all the information he/she is likely to want, in advance, without him/her asking for it. This very rarely happens, and is likely to favorably impress the host. I know it would impress me.

Points to consider:

Give some basic personal information about all members of your party, including full names and ages. Since you are trying to sell it, emphasize things that are more likely to make the hosts think you are responsible adults.

Mention something about your schedule (where you will be coming from, how you will be travelling) and your planned check-in and check-out times.

Read the listing carefully. Try to avoid asking about things that are already mentioned on the listing. It’s very common for guests to do this, but won’t improve anyone’s perception of you.

Also, try to answer quickly to any queries the host has. Guests who make hosting requests and then ignore followups are becoming something of a pet peeve of mine.


Just because the 18-yr. old communicator of the group appears to be a stellar potential guest, it doesn’t mean the rest of the 17-21 yr. old guys are similar or have the same intentions.

Sorry, thumbs down for me.


I typically go to my calander, select a guest, then hit print confirmation. It shows up for me on the right side of the screen below message guest. I don’t think I’ve ever found it on the app before.


Hm… I just see this… a list of “Guest 2, Guest 3, Guest 4…”


That’s all I see as well when I tried it.


Is there a way to even tell ages through Airbnb? I haven’t come across one. Please advise where that info is.

We did accidentally rent to a bunch of 18 years and they trashed our place. Ironically the kid who booked was president of his national honor society at school.


Aha! There you go.
I rest my case.


Hi @Nicland,

I hope you reported them to their school. But do schools care about that sort of thing?


I hosted an 18 year old with his 17 year old friend. Worst guests I ever had. Place was a pig stein and the kitchen took hours to clean. Plus sent so many questions such as where is the cutting knife? Umm in the kitchen draw. Never again!


Age is no way of evaluating guests at all. As others have said, I have hosted teenagers and they have been terrific. I’ve hosted people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s who have been total slobs.

There are no stereotypes.


Sorry-I only realized after I posted this that my friend may not be turning 18 by the time our potential trip date rolls around, hence the reason why I posted again.

I appreciate the information. And yeah, I understand what you’re saying. Lol I seriously respect you though, a teacher for 28 years! I couldn’t imagine…
Thank you once again! I hope you have a nice day.


That’s crazy. A president of NHS did that? Shameful


Thank you for the tips! Question, if my other friends have Airbnb profile, can I just add them on? We were planning on splitting up the cost evenly.


Only the initial booker from the group can talk to the host?

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