Is it better to keep smart pricing and give rule set with discount or just reduce the price?

For some reason, I’m not filling up for July even though it’s high season in this part of the Med. Last night I added a rule set with a discount for the whole of July. So instead of unchecking the smart pricing and adding in a lower price I kept smart pricing on (which has anyway defaulted to the lowest price) and added a rule set with a discount. Was that the smartest way to go? I noticed that from the user end I’m still buried pages in when you search for my area (I’m a superhost and I always used to feature on the first page)

It’s difficult to know what would push you up the rankings without seeing your listing @Danish . You could post it here or DM a few regulars and ask for feedback.

Have you had increased competition in your location, is there something in your listing that might have led to a drop in rankings?

It’s not always about price (I am one of the most expensive for my type of listing in my area and still get bookings).

Where are you based and where do your visitors come from in the main? I know in the UK visitor numbers to Europe have fallen because of uncertainty around Brexit.

It may just be my area, so close to Channel Ports, but we are not seeing guests coming over to the UK from Europe by car. My last “touring” European was a French family in January! Our bookings are way down this year, particularly during the week, after two years of back to back bookings from June-September, mainly people travelling from Europe.

We wonder if Europeans are feeling unwelcome in the UK, post the Brexit referendum.

Other local hosts are experiencing a similar drop off. In tandem, we are seeing more people coming down from London at weekends and giving us clear evidence of how vibrantly cosmopolitan London is.

Tbh, I’m enjoying having more time to myself to garden, socialise, attend local events etc, without the stress of guests arriving/going and rushing home to meet and greet.

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I think you are right. Sadly all the uncertainty over Brexit are making Brits more reluctant to travel abroad and those from the EU feel less welcome and have concerns over whether they will now need visas and face massive passport queues.

Rule sets don’t work with smart pricing switched on.

I’m in Tel Aviv - we have the highest concentration of airbnbs in the world apparently so yes, increased competition is definitely an issue. Here’s the link (someone just booked a stretch of timefrom July 5 so that eases my tension a bit - still, this time last year I had July totally booked up months in advance Tries putting link to the listing but this doesn’t allow links but maybe you can see with the ID? 8417897

Oh, that is useful to know! But I guess the question still stands, is it better to get rid of smart pricing and just make a cheaper price?

Love the bathroom… why are the walls so bare in the living area? You are so close to the flea markets that there must be something you could hang?

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I tried to do a search using Chrome incognito. I used these filters: 4 people, 26-28 July, under $190, 2 bedrooms, Instant book. No luck. I moved the map to center on your neighborhood and it said there were only 16 places available and your wasn’t one of them.

Interesting - you may remember this happened to me a few years back when my visitor search dropped to practically zero.

Airbnb denied there was an issues for months but finally admitted a technical fault was affecting me showing up in the searches.

@Danish what does your visitor rates look like over the last month.

And apologies from your name I thought you were in the EU.

Shoot, you’re right! Just did the same thing. I even played around with less filters. I don’t show up. But it does show on my performance stats that I’ve had views

I looked at the listing page view (is that what you mean?) for dates in July and it says I average 8 a day

OK I worked it out, you need to not have instant book on (by default using incognito you would have no profile and i only allow instant book for people with reviews)

Ok. I can’t help then. I hope you figure it out.

I recently reduced my (winter here) prices and went from 10th in the rankings to 2nd. In summer I am usually at the top. I checked as also had no new bookings for a while. I wonder if you go down in the rankings if you have fewer bookings as less “popular”. Lower ranking = fewer bookings and down the spiral you go. It would be a perverse outcome unless they just expect people to drop their prices in response to move on up. Maybe try dropping prices for a while and see if you go up the rankings then raise them again. I went from no bookings in a 3 week period to being almost fully booked, for a 15% reduction.

One my repeated sayings is " the busier you are, the busier you will be." June was/is awfully quiet compared to what I’m used to. I have 6 unbooked nights (only one left this month that could get booked). I had another 2 blocked for a friend’s stay and 3 blocked after a dog peed on the carpet in the Airbnb room. And July isn’t looking much better with 13 days blocked for various reasons. I know it will hurt my August revenue but oh well. I’ve always been able to bounce back. I think it’s because I know all the tricks and use them but it’s all just anecdotal evidence.

You think Airbnb got mad because I also joined with one of their competitors? I mean, I was left with no choice, I was getting way less bookings than before…

Absolutely @Danish ; because Airbnb just loves to follow its hosts around and see if they have joined their competitors :rofl::smile::grinning::laughing:

Haha! But it ain’t so far fetched that they have a way of knowing! Especially because I synced calendars on the Airbnb site. Big brother is for sure watching!

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