Is airbnb deliberately blocking bookings?

So a guest tried booking my home in Georgia state and this is what she got. !
Looks like AirBnB are now officially preventing bookings.
Is anyone else experiencing this?
What the ****** is going on??


I’ve heard that Airbnb was (and I guess, is?) restricting bookings if their system believes it could be a party-type situation, in light of some violent events that have occurred as a result of guests booking from within the same town/city as they reside, or other factors that would set off a red flag. I don’t know if this is the case, this is just a guess.


This has been discussed on multiple threads here lately.

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You may be right @melizza
Guest wants to host her boyfriend for a little get together. Not a loud party just 8 people getting drinks and talking etc.
I guess they effectively look out for those now.

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Well it’s corona.
People are allowed to panic-post no?