Is a full size bed too small for two people these days?

I’m in the process of (perhaps) setting up a room in my home for sharing. Doing the research now and this site has been a blessing.

When my folks passed away I was left with their matching bedroom set. Very decent full size bed with high back and posts at the foot, beautiful high boy and large dresser. They had it for some 60 years and they both slept in the full size bed, plus various dogs, with no problem.

I hate to have to dispose of this set but I’m concerned that a full size bed may be an issue. That most people are used to something way larger… queen and king.

Comments, please.

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Have slept in a couple of listings where the host had no clue of the difference between a Full and a Queen. If you’re in the States and expect mostly American guests, I’d get a Queen.

I have three bedrooms,two,full and one queen. Don’t see that you need to upgrade to a queen immediately. See what folks say in reviews. I’ve had several groups state all the beds were comfy. That furniture sounds like it will add quality to the listing.

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I would suspect that Europeans and Asians will have no problem with it; some Americans might.

I prefer a queen size bed when traveling, but many hotels don’t have them - just doubles. Queen size bed puts the price up a bit.

I agree with @Louise - give it a shot. Shop around at your competition and see what they offer. Though I prefer a queen if everything else is nicer at the other listing I’ll go with that.

Just, or the love of guests, make sure you have a nice mattress, mattress pad, sheets & bedding.

Good luck!!

Sell the set to guests as a “vintage family heirloom!”

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I had a queen for years in my studio… and some guests complained it sagged in the middle. Then I was gifted with the fantastic king from Nest Bedding. Has definitely upgraded my studio for the WIN!


True. We sleep in a queen at home but when we’re in the UK we find full to be just fine. And my other half is hardly what you’d call a tiny bloke :slight_smile:


As long as you fully disclose what you are offering, ie; “full size bed, xx inches by xx inches” so they know exactly what they are getting it should be no problem. Also, as others have said, talk up the vintage quality and make sure you have great photos.


And a very nice duvet/comforter/quilt to help it appear very inviting!

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Please consider getting two twin beds. I get such a variety of guests, often they are friends, mother and son, grandfather and granddaughter and other combinations. A double, queen, or king is much less appealing to my mind than separate beds. I have had many married couples and unmarried lovers book as well. Twice I have been told by married couples that they prefer separate bed because one or the other hogs the covers or is too restless. I also recommend adjustable beds if you can afford them. Guests always love this amenity.

Look at this super inexpensive one I got at Walmart! $39…

Queen size so it is folded over once on the King size bed. .


Seeing this brings Billy Vaughn and “Pearly Shells” to mind!! (Blast from the way past!)

Edited - this one is better

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I agree with KIKC - disclose properly what you have.
I have a double which is the same as a full. Some people are fine with the size, others say “how can you say that will sleep 2 guests”. I just tell them the facts and let them decide if it will work for them or not.

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I got negative reviews for my double bed. I had to replace it with a queen. Yes, a double is too small nowadays for the average, demanding, fussy, expectant traveler. You are asking for trouble with a double. Dont do it unless it is for just one person.

We have a double. I was debating whether or not to change it out for a queen, but we have had a lot of compliments on the bed.

I do wonder how many don’t book because we have a double instead of a queen though.

Again, all great replies. Here’s my take on this, though.

I’m not wanting/expecting to be “booked up” week after week. Article I read online stated guests using sharing services in CT stay an average of 3.4 nights. If I got maybe two of them in a month I’d be more than pleased. And if the full/double bed is an issue for some, they can go elsewhere. I will fully disclose so no surprises.

I think the other amenities I will offer may outway the bed issue, but only time will tell.

This will be an interesting journey. One I hope goes well for myself and my guests.


This is something you can’t just disclose in the listing and be done with it. You need to knock guests over the head with it before accepting their booking. They will not pay any attention to the listing. So in order to help fend off a potential negative review, be sure to confirm with the guest they agree that a full size bed will be perfectly fine for their needs.

Once a guest confirms it will be no issue…it’s more difficult to go back and publicly complain.

I would not book a full/double bed for my husband and me. We prefer a king-sized bed, but will sleep in a queen if necessary. I would only book a double/full for one person. (I am American.)

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We slept in a double bed, a small Colonial double bed, until just a few years ago. Do we prefer a bit more space? Sure. Would it be the deciding factor in choosing a room? Nope. Most of our traveling is outside the country and it is not common to have rooms big enough to accommodate a king or queen in most countries in urban environments.

My biggest suggestion is to buy oversized covers so that the lack of space doesn’t also translate into lack of covers for one person or another. Buy queen blankets/duvets, and consider a queen cover sheet if you aren’t buying your sheets in sets. And then highlight that you have thought of your guests’ comfort.

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My two cents is this: Keep your Double/Full bed - make sure you clearly list it as that! If they require a larger bed, they will book elsewhere. I started with one room listed with a Full size bed and I got a lot of bookings. A few couples mentioned it would be nice if the bed were larger - so I swapped it out with MY king bed (I am a single gal, the full bed is fine for me). See how it goes and if you think you would benefit more with a larger bed later - worry about it then. I now have 3 bedrooms listed and the bed size is clearly in each title, I have one room each with: a king, a queen and a twin which sleeps one. I have the twin listed at the lowest price and it fills up every season. I have had large men sleeping in that little bed. So, as long as you are clear as to your offering - they have no room to complain. Good luck!

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