Invite to pre-recorded host forum

Who has participated in a pre-recorded host forum of Chesky explaining new stuff and having the Airbnb staff doing the live chat? What was your experience?

I did.

It was a prerecorded video of Chesky being upbeat and thankful for hosts, followed by scripted commentary and ‘live’ stuff. The chat thread was going wild during all this, with scrolling sometimes so intense it was almost unreadable - hosts responding to what Chesky was saying, or in the ‘live chat’ asking the obvious and important questions, which were not answered in the ‘live’ part.

It was interesting and a good window into the mindset of airbnb at that moment in time.


Thanks for your reply. Perhaps they download all the written comments for later evaluation. I wonder how they decide which hosts to email — they just changed something vitally important to me but not in a good way (has to do with search results) so I would only have a one-track mind anyway.

Would you mind sharing that with us?

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sure, here’s a thread on it: Airbnb not showing up in google search (noindextag)

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