Airbnb not showing up in google search (noindextag)


I encountering problem with NOINDEX TAG on my airbnb page. I contacted google, consulted SEO experts. Airbnb is preventing page from being indexed on google because of this line of code in source of page:

I am not satisfied with airbnb support, because already for one month we can’t solve This. Support is useless. Just for reference, Here is link of google forum Airbnb website not indexed by google - Google Search Central Community

Thanks in advance

P.s. The option to include my listing in search engine is ticked ON

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Welcome! I bow to your expertise. My internet wisdom is limited to knowing how to reset my router.


Buy a suitable URL and have it redirect to your listing. Simple. :slight_smile:


Did you ever get this solved? I just found the same problem with my listing.

Yes. You have to write to support many times until you emabrk in knowledge person. Then they will solve it in a minut. It took me few months bit then i embarked on person from airbn thay knew what i was talking about

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Thanks for this…at least they changed it for you. When I contacted them I was told that they talked with IT and the message came back, sorry, not all properties get indexed even though they check “yes” – so there’s nothing he could do to help. I have the box checked to show it in search but apparently that doesn’t mean anything to them. I’m trying again to see if someone else can help but don’t hold out a lot of hope.

OK, let me see if I understand your problem. Your Airbnb listing is not showing up when someone uses Google to search for it. Is that correct?

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Tha name of support who solved this is Vasilious. He sent to IT department and confirmed it was a bug. So insist to send to IT sector to solve this. So it is confirmed bug

That’s what they are saying. In HTML (the code that internet machines interpret as web pages) the NOINDEX tag in the header of a web page instructs search engines to not include that page in the search results. If it’s there for a listing that has opted in to web search, it’s a bug that the host can’t themselves fix.

Source: I was an HTML coder and web developer for many years.


Exactly. Only Airbnb IT can fix this

Did you by any chance give your user/pass of Airbnb listing to someone to promote, add wishlist (as they told me this happens when they sense spam on web page it gets automatically NOINDEX tag)

No I didn’t. Interesting fact — didn’t know about that aspect of their anti-spam efforts.