Introducer's fee?

Our new apartment in Cape Town has been doing less well than our home in Malaga, mostly due, I think, to over-supply of similar listings. Recently a South African acquaintance has introduced us to a very good source of business clients who will stay for a few days per week for several weeks of the year (basically when Parliament sits in Cape Town!) The accomodation rate is much better than we get on Airbnb and is likely to be more regular, though we can still keep the calendar open when these guests are not staying.

We already have a co-host whom we pay 15% of every stay, and we are trying to decide how much to pay our “introducer” and on what basis. She will not be doing any extra work on this, but we would not have had the extra bookings if she hadn’t introduced us, so I’m looking on it as rather like Airbnb’s booking fee. I’m hovering around the 10% mark for each separate booking …

Does anyone pay a similar fee to an “introducer” ? Any thoughts welcome, as ever!

Has the introducer asked for a fee? If so, what percentage?


No, she hasn’t (it’s not something she does professionally), but we feel it’s morally something we should do, since a) she is a friend and b) like many people in SA she is very near the poverty line.
The money would help her and we would still be taking in more than we do on Airbnb.


I think 10% per new guest for a year sounds great for an introduction. We pay 10% of the first phase on any project referred to us from friends, family, other companies. Everyone always seems happily surprised and often says “I didn’t expect anything!” That, in turn, gets you more good press. :wink: Good luck! Cape Town is on my bucket list.


I think 10% is fair.


Typical finder’s fees are around 10% of the first transaction. Unless there’s a contract involved, having it stretch out for a year is not typical. Also, be very careful about tax implications.

I fumbled around and found a decent article, but not specifically on rentals


They did you a solid. They are not part of your business. If you start giving them 10% for each stay, you will end up resenting them and if you ever stop it will cause a big conflict. Not a good road to go down.

A thank you gift is appropriate. If you can help them with referrals and such that is also appropriate.

Remember them at birthdays, holidays. Sincere appreciation goes a long way.


10% is good. I was paid by a friend when I was bringing her clients . First she was just saying thank you …but for me it was work also. I had to communicate and answer emails and phone calls . And I asked her if she can consider paying me something .

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Thanks for all your suggestions, fellow Forumers. We’ve decided to go for 10% of each booking as she has the contacts to bring us in quite a bit of business.

@casailinglady, You would love Cape Town! With all its faults (and it has many) it’s still one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in the world. Tick it off the bucket list soon!

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So I’ve heard from everyone, including my ex, a Kiwi who lived there for 14 years and all the South Africans I’ve met. Crazy, lovely, funny people.

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Since you have decided already maybe you will reconsider the EACH BOOKING portion in the future. Offering to 10% of the FIRST booking of EACH REFERRAL would make more sense (and cents) since they only did the work of BRINGING the guest to the FIRST booking. You did all the work I’d making the stay great enough that they continue to book in the FUTURE.

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