International Texting/Nonresponsive Guests

Greetings All: I have an upcoming booking for a group from Spain. So far I have had absolutely no response to my messages for further information on the platform. I resorted to sending an email to the address provided by ABB, still no response (with follow up on the platform that I sent the email and it’s content). The booking request was in Spanish, so I have been responding in Spanish (with the help of a translator app). I do have a phone number but I am unsure how texting works from the United States to, in this case, Spain. This is a new user, but my track record with newbies is pretty good so far. Any ideas how to possibly get some kind of response? Should I text the number? And is it as straightforward as just enter the number, text and send? Thanks all!

Do you use WhatsApp? Most of my guests are connected and it is so easier to get a response.

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No I don’t, I have heard mixed messages regarding that, because it isn’t on the ABB platform, messages from it don’t apply if you have problems. What is your experience with it?

Costa Rica is like a WhatsApp Mecca - everybody uses it. From young to 90 year old great grandma’s.

In your case I would give it a try. You can always follow up important stuff on the platform, I just copy & paste that.

Now, there are people that have security concerns. If you have such concerns, I could see if they are connected and send them a short message to get in touch with you if you pm me the info. Right now they should be sleeping though …


Thank you @AlexSJ, You have been very helpful. I will give it a try.

@AlexSJ, How can I tell if they’re connected?

Never mind :joy:, I figured it out. My guest is on the app, and I will send them a message at an appropriate hour their time.

Stop texting and start using your voice! CALL them at an appropriate time in Spain!


I would love to @KenH, one little problem, mi Espanol es muy poquito. Since the original inquiry was in Spanish, I have no guarantee that the booking person speaks English. I would hope somebody in their group does, but I have no idea who those people are until I can get the original booker to give me their names. :confused: I am also hoping to establish via texting, whether or not anybody in the group speaks American English, or even British English :wink:

Don’t encourage the use of WhatsApp! There’s no record for Airbnb, these guests are giving out red flags already, and your using WhatsApp will just encourage them to be off platform more. How will you communicate when they’re here? Start as you mean to carry on.
If you text that will be ok but will have a small charge. From UK to Spain I think 15p. However it’s still off platform. I would call Airbnb, and tell them the guests are not communicating. Then Airbnb will call them for you. Firstly this option is free, less time consuming and they have Spanish speaking staff, secondly it flags up with Airbnb that these might be problem guests and has you covered for the future.


Thanks @Jess1, I was only going to use WhatsApp to ask the guest to please check their ABB messaging and inform them , if they tried to message further, that all communication must remain on the platform. Calling AirBnB is also something I am considering. I still have about 2 weeks before they arrive to figure this out. I had some guest recently from France that actually didn’t start communicating until about four days before they were due to arrive. I wonder if has something to do with messaging costs

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I get lots of guests that don’t communicate after the initial booking/communication until right before their trip. I don’t worry about it. I just send what I need to send and eventually I’ll hear from them. Could even be the check-in day.

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I can’t wait that long, I need to get the check in in my diary.

Whatsapp is widely used in Spain, but mostly among groups of friends or co-workers. I’m not surprised you haven’t heard from your prospective guests - planning in advance is just not a Spanish thing. Invite a group of four friends to meet you for drinks at 9pm on Wednesday in Plaza Merced and five (or two) will turn up on Thusday at 10 in Plaza Cervantes. I exaggerate, perhaps, but not much …

Calling would probably be the best bet to get a response … do you have any Spanish-speaking friends? Or perhaps contact Air CS in Spain, who are, after all, constantly telling us they are “here to help”!

Buena suerte!

(Just to say, I’d offer to call them myself but am in South Africa at the moment!)

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I’m the same. I send the guests a message the day before check in. Often they reply and that’s the first contact since they booked. It’s no problem. A few times there’s been no reply and they simply arrive at check in time. Again, no problem.

If you text or use Whats App just take a screenshot of your messages - they are then ‘proof’ of what’s been said in case you need it.

I have check ins in my diary months in advance. I have to, so that I can arrange other appointments and deadlines. At the moment, I have check ins in my diary until April next year. :slight_smile:

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I’m Spanish, living and hosting in Valencia, usually I have the same problem,
so my “solution” is: text by Airbnb saying to the host " I can’t contact with you by WhatsApp, please could you provide me a whatassp number for arrange your arrival…, thanks… some times when people are traveling also change phone cards for save money.

I’m agree with Malagachica;

  • mostly people is using whatsap
  • planning in advance is just not a Spanish thing

also be sure you are using the phone number provided with +34 phone prefix for Spain

Hope this help you! :smiley:


Sorry for typo;

my “solution” is: text by Airbnb saying to the GUEST " I can’t contact with you by WhatsApp, please could you provide me a whatassp number for arrange your arrival…, thanks… some times when people are traveling also change phone cards for save money.


Hi @AvaH

Surely the easiest and quickest solution is to call Airbnb tell them your guests aren’t responding to requests for information and ask them to contact them.


I don’t just mean the day, I mean the time. It has to fit around my work etc

I don’t have that problem because I TELL them what time to be here :slight_smile:

Mind you, I have a cop out because I arrange self check in for them if they’re arriving later than 6 pm.