Interesting Booking

Well, the wife and I just had an interesting booking. We have a boudoir photographer who sent an inquiry to book two days for a photo shoot marathon. This is definitely the most interesting booking my wife and I have had thus far! :rofl:

Whats some of your most interesting?

I hope you responded with a special offer at triple your regular rate because of the commercial use.


That is commercial use of your property. I do not allow them. They use Airbnb’s as a cheap way to take these photoshoots. Also, your STR insurance may not permit this type of commercial use. Check.

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There are websites that specialise in hiring out properties for photoshoots. You can get an hourly rate that exceeds your nightly rate.


You didn’t expect anyone to answer this did you? :rofl:

Sad to say my place doesn’t lend itself to interesting bookings. I think @RiverRock has had interesting ones. Other hosts have had films shot in part at their homes.


Lets just say I have seen my kitchen on PornHub.

3X the rates of course.



I had a student from one of the local universities shoot their Thesis film in one of our apartments. They were here over 3 long weekends. It was a lot of fun!

Otherwise, we really don’t get very interesting bookings but I imagine that’s a good thing.

We were nearly brand-new hosts. An IB came in about 9:30 p.m. for two women in one of our rooms.

A third woman arrived first, about 10 p.m. We didn’t know enough to challenge her or ask what was going on. She declined visiting the room and said “We’re only going to use the bathroom."

By 2 a.m., six women were here. One was a model. They did a photo shoot in the room’s bathroom. Lots of bikinis and lingerie.

I was livid. Called Air. They offered to cancel, but I didn’t know how I would kick the women out. So I didn’t tell them to cancel.

We let them stay. They left about 5 a.m. (I stayed up, fretting.)

When they left, there was makeup on the tile walls in the bathroom—fairly easy to clean up.

And a $100 bill on the bathroom counter. About twice the price they had paid for the room.

So, ultimately okay, but stressful for me. I know a lot more now. And we now have a rule that photo/video shoots have to be approved by us first, and extra charges will apply.

This is the bathroom they used.


Oh, how I love that bathroom. Is that a special corner toilet with one of those bidet seats?

It’s just a corner toilet. And thanks.

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Nope, we have however worked my wife onto the schedule at no charge. We’ve also learned since the initial booking that her family member is going through a heart transplant so all the profits from the two days are going to her family member for short-term expenses. It’s even more interesting than we thought.

Yeah, that beats ours. So you knew ahead of time then?

There’s no such thing! No corner toilet is just a toilet… They’re far too rare! :rofl:

Interesting… Have you had any since?

Of course, all 3 times.



Not really, You can get them at Home Depot - not usually a place to find rare commodities. :wink:


We had a request from a man who wanted to do a photo shoot of a “young woman.” I asked her age. He couldn’t/wouldn’t tell me. We didn’t accept him.

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I wrote about a similar booking I had, except the guest never disclosed to me her intentions, and never disclosed that there would be additional people on the property. Had she been forthcoming, I wouldn’t have had her booking cancelled, BUT, as others have suggested I would have upped my rates, and asked for a list of all the guests who would be onsite.

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@WinsomeLoft - that is awesome! I hope she has a good time with it. How fun!

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Yeah, that sounds super sketchy. Good call.

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