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Insurance Recommendations?


First time caller, long time listener. We finally made the jump and are closing on a short term rental end of July. I picked up home owner insurance for a vacation house but upon further investigation (long time listener) I need to get some sort of rider policy. I have gone to all the big insurers and almost all wont write me a policy. Searched online and found Slice. Are there any other company’s you can recommend? Our rental will be in Indiana.

Trying to figure out what sort of policy I need and what are the best companies to work with.


Any insurer that someone could recommend may or may not work in your specific area and for your specific needs. Maybe say where you are so that someone could be more specific and more helpful?


Proper and CBIZ are two others I looked into besides Slice.


The OP said this:

(File under: Hosts Don’t Read)


Also, are there recommendations on how much insurance you should carry? 1 million liability? I have seen ranges from 300k to - 1m. Seems like a huge range.


I just this minute renewed my CBIZ policy, I had my Farmers agent look into options for me and they did not stack up, the coverages on the CBIZ higher, mines a 2 million liability vs 500K my agent offered and the CBIZ came in a bit less.



Even within some states- insurance varies. I for one happen to be in a historic flood zone. My coverage is different for my str than others also in my same town who arent.

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