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Insurance Companies that will insure a home and separate Airbnb on the same property?

My current insurance company, Grange Insurance, will not insure the separate Airbnb guest house along with my separate home. I’m in Washington State if that helps or matters. Who do you guys recommend and use? Thank you!

Suggest you search this topic on the forum. Proper Insurance may be able to cover you, but they are pricey.

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Hi. Yes, searching this forum provided the name CBIZ as one insurer. Thanks for your reply!

You may be able to get the buildings on separate policies. I have a property with 3 buildings and 3 policies for fire, and two liability policies. You may need a broker who works with multiple companies but it is doable. I am in California.


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Thanks RiverRock, Grange Insurance will not allow 2 different policies on my property. I am shopping around for a company that will. I’m open to 2 policies with different companies though.

As @RiverRock says, an insurance broker is your best best. I have a multi use property with 2 structures, a traditional rental and my STR. I have 2 different companies, State Farm for my traditional rental and Farmer’s (through a broker) for the STR. Let the broker do the leg work and give you the options in your area.

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Thank you Karen, I will find one tomorrow to help me. Thanks for providing the names of the two that you use. Appreciate it!

Following! Looking into the same scenario, but here in NY

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Yep – look for a broker and work with a broker directly – not his or her agents.

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I agree that you should work through a broker. FYI, I have heard that Safeco now offers an STR add on to their policies. I had the house insured with them before STR, and was happy with them, so if you hear they offer STR insurance I’d sure like to know.


Hope you find a great broker and insurance plan!

Hi KenH, I found a good one that is reaching out to colleagues for their recommendations. Thanks!

Hi NordlingHouse, that is the company that the new broker has asked for quotes. I will post a list of the ones he comes up with. Thank you for your response and for sharing the company name!

Did you find a good broker? Looking for insurance in Florida.

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Hi Seeker! I’m working with a great guy named Scott Timms. He lives near me in Washington State but I’m sure he has clients all over! Please see his info below if you’d like to check him out. Good luck!



7017 NE Hwy 99 Suite 211

Vancouver, WA 98665

Phone: 360-869-7999 (Office)

Phone: 360-869-7060 (Direct)

Fax: 360-828-5276

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Julie, do you have Scott’s permission to post his details? I imagine that he’d be pleased to get the advertising but just to be sure…

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Hi Jaquo, good point. I will ask and take down if he doesn’t want them public. Thanks

I think he’ll be okay with it but might want his cell number removed? I would anyway :slight_smile:

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Hey Seeker,

Scott does work with clients outside of our local area and shops for the best rates and plans for you individually. I have his permission to share his contact info. Thanks!

I ended up going with the company, Safeco Ins. Co., which is a Liberty Mutual Company, recommended by the broker, Scott Timms. Thank you everyone for responding and helping. Cheers

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