Instant Booking, Block guests


We had guests from HE** this week. They did not destroy anything nor trash the place, but they were the most needy guests we have ever experienced. I won’t go into all the details, but they changed/moved a number of things, wanted stuff right from the beginning, complained about EVERYTHING, disregarded our “dogs not on the furniture/beds” rule, but then said they wanted to come back! NOT

I actually printed out the conversation with her from start to finish, a total of 13 pages. Their 5 reviews were actually written by the same person within one month of each other and obviously should have been a red flag to begin with… My bad for not catching that. When I looked at HIS reviews, many were by the same person as well.

My 1st question is: How can we block this person from booking or contacting us again?

My 2nd question is: I’m now connected with YourPorter and want to turn off instant booking. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you in advance.

For question #1:

When you write your review of this guest, there will be a question at the end like this:

Just choose “No”. This is supposed to prevent the guest from booking with you again, but it won’t prevent the guest from contacting you on the conversation from the recent reservation with you.

Thank you for this information.

I also don’t want them to be able to contact me through that thread any longer.

Yes, I agree with Brian, click on “no” when prompted if you would host them again. Just in case that does not work, turn off instant booking so if they want to book again, they have to send an inquiry. Once you receive any inquiry from them, block those days on the calendar and tell them those dates are not available.

Blocking guests has been a somewhat dynamic feature on AirBNB. At times it has been available after leaving a review however most times it is not. In the 2 out of 170 instances where I’ve wanted to block a guest I’ve contacted CS and they have been able to block the guest so that they could not contact me via the prior message string.


Thank you for the information!