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I took a break from hosting for six months, relocated, and just started hosting at my new house. I learned I don’t show up in listings without instant book turned on so I decided to activate it for one of my rooms. I got my first instant book tonight with less than an hour’s notice and did not receive any type of notification from Airbnb. I only noticed because I happened to check my email.

I need to set up individual codes for guests to access my house. What if I get an instant book when I’m unavailable for a couple hours and they are expecting access to the home immediately? I don’t mind last minute bookings when I can approve them and make sure they’ll have access but I’m not sure that’s possible every time.

Why did I not receive a notification? This has not been a good experience so it’s already turned off again. How do you make it work?

You can set advanced notice cut off, either a time if same day, or so many days in advance.



Go to your account settings, notifications and check that the following are checked

Push notifications to your mobile or tablet device
Text messages

As soon as someone books or messages me I get a text and an email which works well for me.

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This is not true. There may be many other reasons you don’t show up, such as “taking breaks from hosting”. Post your listing URL and we’ll check it out…


I have always gotten notifications about messages and bookings on my phone. I got them yesterday for the non instant book but nothing at all for instant book. All notifications are on.

It is true and has been tried by multiple people from various accounts/phones/computers. Airbnb has set the search to default with instant book on and the only way someone would see me without it is if they know to take that off. Obviously if they are going to let someone come with less than an hour notice with no notification that isn’t going to work.

Is there a way to switch from instant book back to approval at a certain time? I don’t want to block reservations with less than 24 hours notice because that’s what I rely on and I’m willing to accept last minute reservations if I’m home and able to set up access but I cannot have instant book turned on without knowing a guest will be arriving the same hour.

Yes, they are 2 different settings

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How would I change it? I only see the cut off time for booking which I am fine with if I can approve them and make sure they will have an access code but if it’s within maybe four hours of that time I’d like it to go from instant book back to me for approval.

I manage my property alone so if they instant book with short notice, they could show up and have no access to the home before I even know they’ve booked (if I’m in a meeting or otherwise unavailable).

Click this box:

"For Instant Book hosts: Allow guests to send reservation requests without advance notice."

It is under Reservation prerferences, advance notice

Screen shot? I don’t see that.


For me, I go to Manage Listings -> Availability

-> Reservation Preferences [EDIT] --> Advance Notice

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You should be able to set Same Day with customizable cutoff hour. You might want to set that on days that you won’t be available to respond immediately.

You can see the box in SMtucker post, under the drop down open.

I think you’ve probably gotten the answer you were looking for, but just a suggestion regarding door codes: I do create individual door codes for each guest, but I always also keep an extra code programmed in. It’s something I can remember, but also a throw-away, so that if I ever am able to accommodate a check in I didn’t know about I always have a code on hand I can provide to the surprise guest. If my apartment is ready for a guest I don’t want the door code to be the limiting factor on getting someone in, even if it’s a last minute booking and I’m not around to meet them. My lock programs like 6 or 8 codes, so I keep our personal code on the door, codes for upcoming guests I know about, and then the extra code.


No, I’ve seen all those options. What I’m asking for is that instant book be switched back to approval if it is within so many hours of the reservation. I don’t want to block it entirely as I do rely on last minute bookings but I need to know prior to someone arriving at my house expecting to be let in (when I approve it I can ask when they will arrive, etc. instant book was set up to do that but this person did not give details and I also received no notification which was the bigger issue). Apparently that doesn’t exist so I’m going to turn instant book off and not have any last minute reservations due to their filters. So frustrating this is how they treat super hosts.

On the Airbnb Community Center there are many claims that Instant Book (IB) is set on for guest’s new searches…although Airbnb has told some hosts that’s not true. It is true from what I have seen that IB is toggled on as a search requirement … requiring a savy user to recognize this and remove it. We had less bookings this past summer due to this search feature that was not communicated. It seems like Airbnb is being evil and forcing you to be on IB.

We received no notice on an IB guest, who messaged at 11PM asking for a deal, then booked at 1230 AM. The 1-day notice setting was ON, and until now I had no idea that there was a pre-selected (I never had the opportunity to select this) option to let IB guests reserve without notice. WTF. Airbnb is going for marginal gains all the expense of hosts, and it makes us look like fools when Airbnb changed the rules.IB

We have shown you how to do this. Just read the thread.

[quote=“alf, post:1, topic:18717”]
I learned I don’t show up in listings without instant book turned on so I decided to activate it for one of my rooms[/quote]
I don’t know if you don’t show up at all, I’ll take your word for it. Airbnb has it set for IB to be the default for last minute bookings. People who are booking last minute generally need to know instantly if they have a place or not. I also rely on last minute bookings and have road trippers. Some of them even have to drive through areas with spotty cell coverage. So stopping for gas, messaging someone about their rental and waiting even 5 or 10 minutes for an answer is not a good option.

That doesn’t have anything to do wiith it.

Yes it does. They used to promote superhosts higher in the listings. Now they prioritize instant book and smart pricing instead which frustrates me as a long term host. After this thread it is very clear it was a mistake to try instant book and I’m unable to use it because I don’t want a guest to instant book and get stranded outside with no way in the house because I didn’t have enough notice. By turning it off, I’m now saying goodbye to any bookings with less than 48 hours notice which is the majority of my reservations. I’ve accepted last minute reservations for years without instant book and neither myself nor a guest has ever had an issue. With the new set up I’m definitely being punished for not using it.

I see. I won’t be at all surprised if Airbnb goes to a 100% IB model in the future.

Why can’t you get a smart lock to control on your phone? Get one that syncs with Airbnb so it sends the code automatically.