Insight into guest's review process

I just completed a stay at Airbnb and it looks like they have changed some of the review process for guests since last I was a guest. Thought other hosts might be interested to see exactly what the guests are seeing when they review us. The best change I noticed was that they are now offering labels to the 5 stars (“great, good, etc.”). I feel like my overal star ratings on reviews have been higher recently since they added this clarification/guest education. It also is interesting that if offers guests suggestions to choose what is wrong in each category if you select less than 5 stars. I’ve attached photos for those who are curious.


Thanks for this. As far as the suggestions of what was wrong…for example: under accuracy, the guest can click wifi, noise, etc. Do those only show after you select less than 5 stars? Or does guest see all that before they even select the stars?

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Very interesting. Definitely different than when I left reviews in October.

BTW, if you ever need a place in El Paso, check with me. If I’m not booked, I would be happy to offer you a very special rate.


This is how it’s looked for me as a guest for over 6 months.

I’m starting to wonder why I consistently see different things from the rest of you all.

I get full text messages no … at the end and can reply in full
I’ve seen guest reviews like this for 6 months at least
I believe I was one of the early ones to see individual guests overall star ratings for their hosts
And now I appear to be the only one who can see hosts ratings of guests.


Edit: the last two screen shots are new. The former is as it was previously . I’m intrigued I describe my place as budget; I hope I get to see what guests put in their review under that section.


They show from the beginning before you even select your stars @cabinhost.

It only shows those options (including the area to write in details) when they select fewer than 5 stars.

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I tried it on the Airbnb app and in the browser (on iphone, not desktop) and it only showed after I selected 4 stars, and went away when I selected 5 stars.

That’s interesting; I’m glad they’ve changed that as I found it weird before !

WOW… Thank you!!! This is amazing information to have. What do they mean “this information will be shared with other guests?”


Thanks Dusty, same goes for you in Albuquerque :slight_smile:

My family lives in Las Cruces, I grew up there, so I don’t often go all the way to El Paso these days, but if I ever do I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

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I have seen it at the top of some listings. Like it will say, “other guests describe this place as residential and family friendly.”


Great to know - thanks! What I don’t like is the 'quality of the home classification and I don’t see how it’s relevant. How is Airbnb going to use this? I would never get the ‘upscale’ classification and would be lucky to get ‘comfort’. But the rental is definitely above ‘basic’.

It’s all a bit subjective like the location rating.

Our rental could be considered dated (I call it ‘retro’) but others see it as historic. I think it’s well-equipped but it doesn’t have a dishwasher which some people might see as an essential for a well equipped home. It’s fairly minimalist in its decor so would some see that as ‘basic’?


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I see the “quality of the home” classification as helpful. In my view, it would help hosts for guests to understand what type of property they are signing up for. Also, maybe Airbnb would be more willing to delete reviews that indicated unrealistic expectations if listings were classified.


Yeah I was wondering that too. I have never seen this used anywhere so far. I guess maybe as more people start to use Airbnb and have different expectations (some are looking for budget accommodation providing the basics, others are looking for a fun substitute to a hotel, others are looking for something in the more upscale vacation rental category), it might be a way to sort based on what type of expectations you have.

I definitely aim to be a “comfort” listing and would probably prefer to stay in one as well. I like the idea of basic, but I do get offended by dated decor :joy:

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It depends on the definition, I guess :slight_smile:

Our rental was built in 1949 and it’s decorated largely with Mid Century Modern decor. We have a bureau dating from 1950 which is in immaculate condition but other pieces are marked as you’d expect from their age.

The bathroom and kitchen are both original 1949 (although we have modern microwave etc. in the kitchen) which some guests would describe as dated but I think they’re really cute and original. Tricky!

Mid century modern is having a comeback though :wink: I guess I’m thinking more along the lines of 80’s and 90’s style decor or stuff that really clashes. If it’s tastefully done and vintage I would totally be into that. But again that’s just me! My husband thinks I am nuts at how bothered I was by the bedspread at the place we just stayed at :joy: I definitely wouldn’t dock a host points for something like that after I saw the pictures and booked the place though. But it would not have been my top choice if other places had been available.


I am also curious about what they are doing with the selected items under each category if you choose fewer than 4 stars. As hosts we never see that specific data.

I thought it was interesting that Location doesn’t have any of these expanded specific options to select. Seems even Airbnb doesn’t know what the location category is for or how it should be judged!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It seems to me I have gotten more 5 star review since they clarified that 5 stars means “great”, so I think that system is super helpful.

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I have two vintage Hawaiian rattan chairs that I painted with bright tropical colors. I think I am now a Comfort level, especially with the new Nest bed. I do have antiques. They could be considered “dated.” ?? Lol.

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@jaquo and @konacoconutz now I want to see your listings :wink:

Here’s mine :slight_smile: