Inquiry denied but guest instant booked another listing

anything outside of what is shown in the listing. But most commonly

  • Pets
  • Exceed occupancy limits
  • Early check-in or late check-out
  • Smoking
  • Special kitchen equipment like Keurig coffee maker
  • Help with finding rental car or sold out activities
  • Outdoor gear such as bike, beach chairs, umbrella, snorkel, kayak, etc.
  • Air mattress
  • Washer, dryer
  • Fully refundable bookings
  • Desk for working
  • Higher internet speed than I have
  • White noise machine
  • Parking for more vehicles

So maybe have a saved message that says “I am unable to provide anything not explicitly provided in the listing. Requests to make exceptions to this policy will be declined and you will be blocked from booking. Second requests will result in me reporting you to Airbnb.” Don’t waste your time with back and forth messaging. Just hit reply and if they message you again, report them to Airbnb as harassing you.

I’m surprised you get so many requests for things you don’t offer that you find it to be a burden.


I my trying to change my mindset so that I no longer think of it as a burden. These inquiries provide me data to raise rates. So they are very valuable. Most of them can be dealt with easily with saved messages*. But this case is unique because she booked even after I denied her inquiry. I can’t remember if anything like this has happened to me before.

I just find that guests who IB are better quality guests. I think the IB guests know how to use google maps, tripadvisor, have better reading comprehension.

  • Also note that saved messages cannot be used when declining an inquiry. I guess I can change the work flow to send a saved message first and then deny.
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I have this set up now.

Are you sure she even realized the listing she IBed was also yours? It’s possible she didn’t. Or she’s just one of those people who can’t take even a broad hint that she’s not welcome, or doesn’t care.

As far as IB guests being less problematic, that may very well be your experience, but I have never used IB and never gotten a bad guest.

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Can’t believe this is even being discussed…



created one for the next time.



The confirmation message went in the same thread as the inquiry. So she will know sooner or later.

Since it was an IB you can contact AirBnb and say you are uncomfortable and to cancel. You are allowed 3 a year without penalties but make sure that Air cancels for you. If they ask you have a very good justification. IMHO

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So you’re raising rates on a listing that does not provide the things potential guests are asking for?

Use @KKC’s message and also put it in your listing and HR. Honestly, everything seems to annoy you.

I get people asking for your 10 things all the time. They keep asking and I block them from my listing. You have multiples and they still booked with you at a higher rate. I’m failing to see the issue. They probably don’t even know it’s you as host at the 2nd place.

At a different listing for more money without caveats on her part. Yay.



Why didn’t you just go into her messages and block her then she couldn’t have booked any of your listings .?


that’s what I should have done but I had not figured out how to. I learned that after I started this thread. I will do that from the next time.

People ask for things I don’t provide. I can’t do anything about that. What I provide is clear in the listing. There is info on pets, occupancy limits, no smoking, etc. Check in check out times are listed. I don’t want to add things I don’t provide to my house rules e.g. Keurig, bikes, snorkel gear, etc.

Their inquiry sends me a clear signal that my listing is one of the better options for guests for those dates. So maybe my rates can go higher.

I did this today as well. Raised rates by 10% after an inquiry, and got an instant booking!

Sorry you got that impression. I don’t get annoyed by guests who are paying me good money. And now, I like inquiries too. Yes, I’m annoyed by people who want me to be a travel insurance provider, or give me low ratings because their expectations are too high for the price they paid.

The issue is of business sustainability. She gives me a lower than five star rating and I won’t be making as much money later.

But maybe since guests think a 4* rating is a good rating, perhaps guests will still book if I have a lower rating.

Hopefully. I will report back with the review she leaves in March.

@house_plants I can’t even with you anymore. You just seem to be a moving target when people try to give you feedback that can help you with guests who appear to give you headaches, which, based on your posts are every single booking you have.

You’ve been told - make it clear in your listing and HR. Yes people will ask. Make a saved message - Thanks for your Inquiry/RTB. We cannot accommodate any special requests for additional people, pets, or supplies not listed. If this is an issue, this listing may not be appropriate for you. We suggest you look at the other 300+ listings in the area.

Boom, you’re done. Everything else is just you making noise.


Thanks… what you are saying is I’m learning and changing, so I’m a moving target. That’s what I’m here for: learn the system, adapt, and thrive.

Like most people, I only post about the problem guests. 95% of the guests don’t give me any problems.


I still cannot fathom how this is still a topic. Maybe I’m missing something.



Feel free to skip on by then. if you don’t like it, don’t read it.


You’re missing a point completely here.

In order to keep this forum free from spammers, scammers, anti vaxxers, trolls and general nutters, some of us are obligated to not skip on by. My mental jury is out as to which category you fall into.



Probably. Can you explain what I’m missing? Some things that might be obvious to long term hosts might not be obvious to newer hosts like me.

I learned a lot by starting this thread.

I can’t see that you’ve learned a darn thing except that you were wrong about how Covid vaccines work.

I’m muting this and you because it’s too frustrating trying to tell you the same stuff over and over and you just won’t stop.