Injury on ABB property

First off - want to say this group has been super helpful. I’ve gleaned a lot of information from the search bar. Thank you for being here.

We have a couple that checked in on Tuesday here visiting family. I went over and met them, nice couple and we know some mutual people.

I messaged her earlier tonight asking if she had any questions about checking out in the morning. I just heard from her.

She said that yesterday (morning) her sister came for a visit and fell on the stair walking out of the house breaking her ankle that will require surgery including plates and screws. (I’m giving you the short version she gave me)

We live 2 doors away from the property and we were home all day yesterday.

We do have insurance on the house.

I need advice on how to handle this situation.

What do your house rules say about visitors? If you don’t allow visitors she was violating your house rules.

You have insurance? Is it just regular house insurance? If you don’t have insurance specific to short term rentals, your insurance may not apply. This would be a good time to go find that policy and actually read it to see if such an accident is covered. Most regular home insurance does not apply if you are using the house for short term rentals. Remember that most insurance companies are really in the claim denial business.

I would take a claim like this with a grain of salt. I would say nothing to the guests until you find out about insurance, and if you aren’t insured, hire a personal injury lawyer. What kind of proof do they have that it happened at your house and not somewhere else?

Hello @Sue2

Do you allow visitors onto your listing who aren’t part of the party who have booked and paid?

i was going to say you might be able to claim on Airbnb liability insurance if you live in a country that is covered by Airbnb (see Airbnb Help Centre for details on how to do this) but not sure if this would be covered as she was not the guest.

It does seem bizarre that she wouldn’t have told you about it at the time and you wouldn’t have noticed an ambulance arrive.

Is she asking about claiming on your insurance? And when you say you have insurance on your home is this liability insurance?

I wouldn’t volunteer to do anything at this stage, but do your research and see if insurance you have or Airbnb has might cover you.

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watch and wait.
Not a registered guest…
So public liability?

I don’t have any rules on visitors.

We are in the USA.

We told our State Farm agent it would be used for Airbnb and that I needed the proper coverage. We will pull out the policy in the morning.

We don’t plan on saying anything at this point mostly because I’m shocked she didn’t say something before my message to her.

If you look at our listings there is a railing.
2 years and we’ve not had one complaint about the stairs.

This is what the guest messaged me:

“I don’t have any questions. I wanted to let you know my sister fell on the steps of the house on Thursday when she visited. She broke her left foot and sprained her right ankle. Her elbows and knees are bruised. She also has contusions on her legs and hands. That first step out of the house is tricky. We spent our morning at the medical center and the rest of the afternoon inside because she is on crutches and not able to walk on the broken foot. She will need surgery to put in plates and screws.
Everything else about the home was great.”

Given the extent of the injuries she stated my husband and I can’t believe an ambulance wasn’t called. My husband thinks this didn’t happen - if so not on our property.

It’s a strange message, for sure.

BTW, for liability in the US, I doubt it matters at all of the house rules prohibit guests.

Also, many regular home insurance policy will not only deny the claim but cancel. your insurance. The Airbnb 1,000,000 guarantee is a not really an insurance program and if the guest was not a registered guest, you have no protection from them.

No Cameras? Love my Arlos.


Did the guest say that they would be making a claim on your insurance? Reviewing your policy is always a good idea but hopefully just won’t be necessary in this case. Some adults do realize but it’s their own fault or clumsiness and don’t force others to pay. Hopefully that’s what happens in this case


Personally I think this will be covered by airbnb as the 3rd party was invited by an airbnb guest
The Host Protection Insurance program provides primary liability coverage for up to $1,000,000 per occurrence in the event of a third-party claim of bodily injury or property damage related to an Airbnb stay.

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No they didn’t say anything to us.

2 years ago I slipped on black ice outside my place of business, we leased the building we were in. I ended up in the ER. When they billed my insurance they refused to cover it and said the landlords insurance was responsible. I refused to make a claim against him. My insurance finally paid.

Thinking this could be the same?? Her insurance won’t pay because it’s an accident and will have her come after us???

No at this point she did not say she would be making a claim. Just going to wait it out.

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I suppose it is a possibility… but Id imagine the idea of fault enters. Was the accident due to negligence on your part/ property? If not- sometimes people just trip over their own feet.

No, there’s a hand rail. We’ve been renting 2 years this month. We’ve never had a complaint about the stairs or any trouble getting in and out of the house.

I haven’t acknowledged her message to me yet.

Is it ok if I respond with

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope she’s doing alright.”

I don’t want to respond with “is there anything I can do? “


I hope so, but none of us here are personal injury lawyers.

Having recently (April 10th, 2019) fallen down my own basement stairs and broken my fibula, dislocated my tibia, and gotten 7 screws and a plate… I was kept at the hospital until they could squeeze my surgery in. They would not let me use crutches (women over 35/40 are given a walker because we’re greater fall risks. Sigh.) even after the surgery, let alone before. And they couldn’t know how many screws or plates they’d need until after the surgery.

Pm me if you want more medical details. :wink:

My mom once broke her foot stepping on the metal base of a sliding door. Bones are weirdly fragile.

Good luck!

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The chances are that your STR insurance will deal with it. (Although they’ll try hard not to actually fork out). After all, this is the main reason we have it.

I called ABB to seek advice from them.

I was advised to communicate with the guest the following:

Remind the guest if something like this happens again to report immediately.
Ask for any documentation, photos, I need to know exactly what happened, not that I’m doubting her, need to be aware exactly what happened. Ask for copy of the DX from the medical center so I know exactly what’s happened.

You guys this is enough to make me shut this down…trying very hard to not over react.

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Either your personal home liability insurance or ABB insurance should cover any costs associated. It doesn’t matter if this is a guest or not. It could be a random stranger walking down the stairs, falls get injured that is what you purchase liability insurance for. I would stay quiet about liability unless they make a claim.


For my own peace of mind I might consider blocking future dates while things shake out. OTOH, as you said there have been 2 years with no problems and if you stop doing Airbnb that doesn’t solve any issues.

You’ve already gotten sound advice here and you’re very wise to consult the mind hive here and say little to the guest. Try not to overworry. Although she said the step is tricky it’s possible that they won’t be blaming you or the property at all. I know it’s nerve wracking but try to wait it out and be patient. Once they check out make sure to double check the steps and railing and make sure everything is sound and secure.

And finally, please get cameras. We tell people that all the time and here is yet another reason to have them.