Infant, toddler, child?

How to input infant, toddler and child? What’s age difference between them? Infant stay for free, toddle and child will consider number of guests. Have you all run into problem like this?

For some hotels a “child” is any person who is 12 years of age or younger. In these cases, anyone who is older than 13 years of age will be considered an adult and will be charged at the adult rate.

I don’t see a need to differentiate between “infant” and “toddler.”

Chid is 2-12
Infants under 2

Per Airbnb

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Thank you. Infant stay for free.

Only when you charge extra guest fee, infant doesn’t count number of guests, any other guests, children all count total number of guests.

If an infant is free for a hotel, they usually have to be in a cot or travel cot provided by the guest’s (with own bedding). Some hotels charge a supplement for providing a cot.

Has anyone had guests who’ve expected a cot or bed for the infant? If they’re free as extra guests, it’s not fair for us to have to provide bedding. I’m just wondering whether it’s worth noting on my listing that a guest would need to provide their own travel cot.

I have a travel cot - but no child / toddler / baby is free. If I find they bring one expecting to be free, they are asked to pay the nightly fee.

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I’ve stated we’re not child proof and have listed potential areas of concern. We still have bookings for a couple of infants though, I’d best contact the family to make sure they’re not expecting cots.

When people book under Airs policy of infants (under 2) being allowed to stay for free I point out that they need to bring bedding for the child, or they sleep with them, otherwise it is the usual $30 supplement for an extra person (above 2 ppl) if they want to use the spare bedroom and a bed. So far it has never been an issue.

At what point do you do this? I’ve just had an infant that was using one of the beds so had to change it without remuneration. I am instant book so do I request they amend their booking as an extra person if they are using a bed - otherwise they need to have a travel cot?

I guess its swings and roundabouts as when a couple stays it is 2 extra adults but only one bed to change

I have 3 bedroom house. I charge extra guest fee after 6 guests. So if they have 6 guests plus a child, I will provide a toddler bed and charge the extra guest fee. If they have 6 guests plus a infant, airbnb does not count extra guest, but I will still offer to provide baby crib.

It is totally toss that Airbnb think infants should stay free. They cost in terms of utilities and nappy disposal. I won’t accept children under 12 for safety reasons but people still ask. They think if it’s a baby, not mobile, my safety reasons are void. Or the couple of Americans who did an IB, and thought I should accept their two toddlers because they are Dons at Oxford Uni. I feel a Tourettes moment coming… I made them cancel, with Air backing me fully.

I have had several guests (more than 5) who asked if I provide a cot for their baby (some are international guests). Most guests bring their own travel cots.

I used to tell these guests I don’t provide cot and none of them book. I’ve lost thousands of dollars in booking. But recently, I invested in a portable travel cot and some bedding (everything for about $150 from Target). I have secured two bookings requesting cot since then. One for $1400+ another for $900+.

So I think it is worth to have something for these guests. Infant does stay for free, and I don’t mind providing something for them to use and wash the bedding afterwards. I can still earn a good profit and the calendar is easier to be filled. Though, you can choose to charge a fee for cot and use of bedding. But I don’t think $20 will make a huge difference and someone may choose to not book because of small fee. But of course if you provide a private room for $50, use of cot should definitely be paid for (if infant allowed).

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I think of an enfant as a critter that must be carried around…a toddler walks and thus can deliver sticky hands everywhere. I am not sure how to categorize a crawler, but I know I dont want them without being paid…

I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and i kind of agree that they should still be counted as humans in the guest count. A busy 1 year old can cause more mess, and more quickly than 6 adults. And I am sure that when I have my kids with me there is more water usage, more towel usage, more general wear and tear than there would be if I traveled without them (If only my mother wanted to babysit for several days at a time lol.) That said, most hotels provide a crib for free and don’t count toddlers in the occupancy count so I am sure that is why Airbnb made that rule.


I just hate that parents feel sooooo entitled that the world owes everything to their precious child. That they chose to have. Out of choice.


In our house rules we say ’ We count ALL humans staying in our house regardless of age in the total guest count’.

We did just have someone try to pass off a legit toddler as an infant… LE SIGH.

Agreed, I have had so many times guests with baby ask early check-in and late check-out because they have baby and baby needs nap.


Just got another one, because she has baby, demanding early morning check-in. So fed up with these parents.

We had one the other week:

‘I know you say not suitable for infants, but we are travelling with our one year old. Can you provide a portacot, blankets and sheets, a high chair and some fun activities in the area for children?’

Decline. And then I got suspended for 5 days due to too many declines :roll_eyes: