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Increasing pressure on hosts!


All those reviews were an entertaining read. LMAO! I am imagining the guest standing around waiting for cookies but not wanting to ask for them…LOL!! He must have been salivating for them and wondering what kind he was going to get…


@Claudette_Bradish That’s a hilarious post! Great and really entertaining reading:)))) Thank you!


I stayed at the Plaza a few times back when I used to make money. Sometimes I use that experience as a frame of reference when looking at Airbnb guest commentaries.

To Ms. Bradish’s comments, if I wouldn’t expect it at the Plaza, why the eff would I expect it in an Airbnb?

Keurig? Really??? They wanted $26.50 for a continental breakfast in '87! For that kind of money, I’ll spray paint it gold!

Soundproofing? What kind of padded cell have you been staying in?

Early check in? I’m sure the Plaza has a fee for that.

Do I look like firking Donald Trump? Don’t answer that, please.

Hey, if we found those comments appallingly funny, so does our prospective guests - and the diligent prospective hosts! Comedians! :wink:


My comment to a guest who snuck in 3 extras… did the levitate?


They were space aliens. Zero gravity. Off world types don’t count. :wink:

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