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In Texas: guest using spare bedroom obsesses over host

An interesting read from the Daily Mail (which admittedly is not exactly a highly trusted news source):

Wow, this would make me think twice about doing a shared house for sure, he showed up with 3 pistols and was let out of jail the next day. Only in Texas? I wish, the gun culture is nuts in the U.S. 6 people shot last night at a yoga studio, 11 killed last week and more that did not make national news.
Crazy people scare the shit out of me, crazy people with easy access to guns even more.


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I read all that and am just so frustrated by the victim blaming.

As for the gun culture, I am not a fan of the fear mongering excesses of the gun lobby and their puppets but I do support an individual’s right to bear arms, particularly for protection in the home. It’s not for everyone but I think if were in this situation Mr. Jackson would have found himself in the hospital, not jail, if he returned to my home.


I think the article was incorrectly titled. He wasn’t “obsessing” over her - he was trying to use and control her. That’s what sociopaths do.

All hosts need to be smart about home sharing and have an emergency plan in their back pocket. Continuing to engage with a creep, like this lady did, was a bad plan.

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‘You’ve got two young ladies renting out a room, it’s not the best situation,’ he said. ‘Usually when you’re renting out a room that way, you’re not there, but they were. It’s not the best idea or the safest thing to be in the apartment with someone you don’t know.’ -> Police Sargent

This story makes me think that the future of ABNB will struggle to be a balance between a no discrimination policy while ensuring a safe environment for hosts, especially with a shared space. Considering the sheriff’s statement, I have to believe that shared spaces may be on the wane, unless hosts have more say, further supporting the topic herein (Only women and couples and instant booking)

On the subject of guns, I have a “No firearms” policy for my listing. To my knowledge I’ve only had one guest who had a concealed weapon, and he at least advised me of such after checkin; I let it slide since he had good reason for such (Law Enforcment). I wonder how much support I’d get from ABNB if I ever had to enforce that policy -> “a host’s right to not allow arms on premises”

I do not in any way want to minimize the experience of this host, excuse the guest, etc. Without vicitim blaming I also think there is a burden on the host to secure their home (like don’t leave $500 in cash in a box somewhere) and be take a certain degree of care in managing your listing. I would say the same if you had two young men, two old men, a law enforcement officer and his wife…whoever. Now, disclaimers out of the way I have to agree with Airbnb that there are millions of stays of men with women living alone that have been fine. There are a lot of things that are dangerous and I don’t think putting room on Airbnb is any more dangerous than a lot of things women do. I could go dig up a bunch of research about how it but I’m tired. The last two years have really worn me down.

I wrote earlier this year about a 60 review guest who used his 4 day stay to badger me continuously, including groping.

Curiously, the best deterrent was to have multiple guests and/or multiple visitors. I haven’t had problems since.


  1. Gun in the home - I have mixed feeling about this but I don’t want guests bringing weapons in my home so I added a house rule that we don’t allow weapons unless it is required by your profession and that I have to be notified in advance and a gun permit needs to be provided. I have honestly thought about getting a gun for my safety since I started to do Airbnb and began seeing these types of reports. A good friend has taught me to shoot but I hate it and still have mixed feelings.

  2. I require all guests and visitors to provide government issued ids within 3 days of booking the space. NO exception eve. If the balk, then they get cancelled for breaking my house rule. I really believe this weeds out a lot of nefarious characters.

  3. In regards to safety, I honestly don’t know how people do home shares where the guests have access to your own personal space. I’d never be able to sleep. I have a separate 2nd floor suite with separate door but a shared front door. My apartment has an alarm system and an attack dog ;-). He’s a 15 year old sweetie that would likely lick you to death but the guests don’t know that and I have a Beware of Dog on the front door to my space.

  4. I never tell the guests I live alone. I always say we this and that. I have my ex-husband on the account with me.

  5. Well as I was writing this I just got this Airbnb message - now I’m really creeped out but it was before I got his ids.

Unfortunately, we’ve received quality assurance information regarding this guest and we’re no longer able to support them as a member of our Airbnb community. Your calendar should now be open for the affected dates.

Wishing everyone good guests and be safe.

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